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02:56 United States

Fastest "Minecraft Map Sprint!" Speedrun


Matmath8 completed a speedrun of Minecraft Map Sprint in two minutes, 50.21 seconds.

00:51 United States

Tallest Sand And Gravel Tower Suspended In Mid-Air In "Minecraft"

Sam Smith

Sam S. constructed a sand and gravel tower in Minecraft. He used a total of 257 blocks and suspended it in mid-air.

02:22 United States

Highest Number Counted To In "Minecraft" Chat In One Minute

Yohan Kelly

Yohan K. counted to 69 in Minecraft Chat in one minute.

00:31 Netherlands

Most Pistons Powered By One Lever In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)


Mauro T. powered 1,629 pistons by one lever in Minecraft.

00:29 United States

Most Snowballs Thrown In "Minecraft" (PC)


Adam N. threw 171,762 snowballs in Minecraft.

08:03 United States

Most Giants Spawned In "Minecraft"


Jonathan C. spawned 80,000 giants in Minecraft.

08:20 United States

Most TNT Blown Up In "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition"

Damone Warren

Damone W. blew up 26,009 blocks of TNT in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

25:09 United States

Largest Hand-Placed Nether Quartz Pyramid In "Minecraft" (PC)

Izaac Garnand

Izaac G. created a hand-placed Nether quartz pyramid in Minecraft using 27,040 blocks.

03:11 Canada

Most Cobblestones Collected From A Generator In One Minute In "Minecraft"

Aaron Desroches

Aaron D. collected 736 cobblestones from a generator in one minute in Minecraft.

00:39 Canada

Fastest Time To Run 100 Meters In "Minecraft" (PC)

Noor Murad

Noor M. ran 100 meters in Minecraft in 0.85 second.

00:28 United States

Fastest Minecraft Redstone Clock

Jackson Mitchusson

Jackson M. created a Redstone clock blinking at a rate of 20 blinks per second.

07:24 Australia

Tallest Staircase In "Minecraft"


Jimbo T. built a staircase in Minecraft that reached 256 blocks in height.

02:01 Australia

Most Beacons Placed And Lit In "Minecraft"


Brendan K. placed and lit up 10,000 beacons in Minecraft.

03:43 England

Most Houses Built In "Minecraft" In Three Days (PC)

Mitch Moore

Mitch M. built 80 houses in three days in Minecraft.

04:21 United States

Most Witches Spawned In "Minecraft" (PC)


Bluelade spawned 4,331 witches in Minecraft.

01:24 Australia

Most Minecraft Papercraft Blocks Balanced On Head

Will Mounter

Will M. balanced four Minecraft papercraft blocks on his head.

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