Most Hours Logged On An iPod Stopwatch

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Most Hours Logged On An iPod Stopwatch

United States Blair House



  • United States Joe Fischetti

    Joe Fischetti

    okay thats fucking possable you know how many years that is you fucking sped the first ipod wasnt even out yet you realize that right?

  • United States Finn


    Is goes seconds minutes hours days and mine is longer than tht

  • United States Kasia


    Whoa, you have had your stopwatch running before iPods even existed... And you sound a lot younger... I mean, this must have been running for almost 1000 years, and the oldest human in the world is 200+ (Not counting God)... Hmmm... Fake (:

  • United States Chris Stork

    Chris Stork

    Im only up to 4556 hours :'(

  • United States Zach Lorenz

    Zach Lorenz

    Wow, you've had that running for 67.7 years, 62 years before the Ipod even existed

  • Belgium JoeNagy


    i hav a question, i beat the record but the bottom # is the same because it eventually stops but the # on the top is higher, does that mean i beat it or???

  • United States Milly Hopkins

    Milly Hopkins

    You put the whole longest stopwatch community to disgrace by cheating like this. I am disgusted

  • Belgium JoeNagy


    I kno how, she went into settings and changed the date to like 2100 years in the future

  • United States Blair House

    Blair House

    I really have no idea. :)

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    How exactly are you getting 524,3644,480 minutes (roughly 996 years)? I'm getting a slightly lower 21,848,565 minutes, still a very large amount considering it's over 41 years. (Which, in fact, is longer than the iPod has existed.) Either this record is coming from the future or I am massively confused.

  • Philippines Ma-Ann Pacion

    Ma-Ann Pacion

    It'd be more credible if you have video documentation

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