Most Times Coaxing A Dog Through A Hoop In 30 Seconds

United States Sarah Newell


Santa Barbara, California, United States / August 25, 2009

Sarah Newell directed her dog Piper to jump through a hoop 22 times in 30 seconds.


- all paws must be in air at once for each jump
- hoop may not touch ground
- dog may not touch handler
- must use regulation-sized hula hoop
- may use a dog treat to coax dog 


  • Piper: Don't forget us little people as you rise to the top of celebrity superstardom! The same people you see going up, are the same people who fed you doggy biscuits when you were just a non-hoop jumping pup licking your paws & chasing cats.

  • Way to go Sarah & Piper!

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