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Longest Book Domino Chain

04:31 United States

William Jewell College built a domino chain using 2,410 books and successfully made the entire chain topple.

Largest Cardboard Fort

United States

Bill Rudy, students from Brigham Young University, members of BYU Recycling and EcoResponse built a cardboard box fort made of 5,086 boxes. They set the record to promote recycling and waste reduction.

Longest Straw Used To Drink A Coca-Cola

05:49 Canada

Mel Sampson drank Coca-Cola from a straw that was 75.82 meters in length. She proved her success by spitting out the soda once it reached her mouth. It took her one hour and eight minutes to get the Coca-Cola from one end of the straw to the other. She set the record as part of The Drive Home with Mel World Record Week 4.

Longest Time Holding Water In Mouth

1:40:09 United States

Adam G. held a sip of water in his mouth for one hour, 39 minutes, 26.98 seconds.

Most Pizza Boxes Held In Hand At Once

00:58 United States

Alex held 61 pizza boxes in his hand at once.

Most People To Hold A Single Furby In One Day

02:48 United States

YouTube stars The Fu led a group of 86 people holding a single Furby in one day. The record was officiated by RecordSetter President Dan Rollman. The Fu accomplished the feat as part of the Furby Records project. #OriginalFurby

Most People To Sit On Balloons And Pop Them At Once

00:36 United States

1,189 people from Shawnee Baptist Church blew up balloons and then popped them by sitting on them. They set the record during their 29th annual youth conference.

Longest Time Balancing On A Casterboard While Singing And Playing A Ukulele

01:51 United States

Zhen C. balanced on a casterboard for one minute, 30.06 seconds while singing and playing a ukulele.

Longest Time Holding The Shoulder Flag Pose

00:58 United States

Talmatkadi held a shoulder flag pose for 40.56 seconds.

Most Straws Fit In Mouth At Once

26:25 India

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya placed 1,001 straws in his mouth at once.

Most Furbys Driven In A Car

03:41 United States

YouTube star Dave Days drove 132 Furbys in a car at once. The record was officiated by RecordSetter President Dan Rollman. Days accomplished the feat as part of the Furby Records project. #OriginalFurby

Most Trampoline Front Flips In One Minute

01:08 England

Vaughan's son completed 42 front flips on a trampoline in one minute.

Largest Toothbrush Circle

01:17 United States

A total of 126 people from Camp Kaylie stood in a circle and brushed each others teeth, creating the world's largest toothbrushing circle.

Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Tower Held In Hand

06:41 Canada

Doug McManaman held 15 toilet paper rolls in one hand.

Most World Cities And Their Forecast Highs Announced In One Minute

01:10 Belgium

VTKlustrum read 75 world cities and their forecasted high temperatures in one minute.

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