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Longest Time Keeping Eyebrows Raised

07:35 United States

Crystal Niedbala kept his eyebrows raised for seven minutes, 29.12 seconds.

Longest Time Riding A Seven-Wheeled Unicycle

01:30 United States

Jonathan Rinny rode a seven-wheeled unicycle for 19.84 seconds. The unicycle stands 13 feet, 3 inches tall and has seven vertically stacked wheels.

Longest Kneel On A Slackline

02:02 United States

Siena knelt on a slackline for one minute, 50.69 seconds.

Longest Time Holding The Crow Pose

03:41 United States

Tai Star held a yoga crow pose for three minutes, 30.10 seconds.

Most Around-The-Hand Diabolo Tricks In 30 Seconds

00:31 United States

Julian K. performed 56 around-the-hand diabolo tricks in 30 seconds.

Most People Twerking At Once

01:22 United States

At the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, 1,945 people twerked together, a RecordSetter World Record. The record was led by show hosts Lucy Hale and Darren Criss, and officiated by RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson.

Longest Backbend

07:05 Canada

Tori held a back bend pose for six minutes, 49.17 seconds.

Most Guitar Picks On A Guitar Neck

United States

Gage B. placed 108 guitar picks in the neck of his acoustic guitar.

Most Times Kicking One's Own Butt In 20 Seconds

00:22 India

Pradeep B. kicked his own butt 158 times in 20 seconds.

Longest Time Juggling Two Balls With One Hand While Bouncing Two Table Tennis Balls On A Paddle And Balancing On A Rola Bola

00:34 United States

CoolJuggler juggled two balls on one hand for 20.62 seconds while bouncing two table tennis balls on a paddle and balancing on a rola bola.

Most Times Thanking RecordSetter In A YouTube Video

10:01 United States

Ian M. thanked RecordSetter 440 times in a YouTube video.

Fastest Time To Recite The English Alphabet

00:10 Australia

Jordan L. recited the English alphabet in 1.97 seconds.

Longest Leg Split

45:14 United States

Kyah sat in split position for exactly 45 minutes.

Most One-Foot Back Flips On A Trampoline In 30 Seconds

00:33 United States

Ryan H. performed 13 one-foot back flips on a trampoline in 30 seconds.

Most Squat Jumps Over A Stack Of Three Toilet Paper Rolls In One Minute

01:48 France

Guillaume B. completed 37 squat jumps over a stack of three toilet paper rolls in one minute.

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