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Most Times Tossing A Pencil Between Two People

04:17 United States

Chelsea and her friend tossed a pencil back and forth to one another 151 times.

Longest Time To Balance An Upside-Down Shoe On Top Of Head

2:00:39 United States

Robert M. balanced an upside-down shoe on top of his head for two hours, 23.00 seconds.

Most People High Fived In One Minute

United States

A member of Wooddale Church high-fived 368 people in one minute.

Longest Indoor Headstand

34:55 Nepal

Pramila D. stood on her head while indoors for 34 minutes, 55.00 seconds.

Most Star Wars Costume Changes In A One-Take Music Video

04:11 United States

Geoffrey Countryman made 13 Star Wars costume changes to the tune of Eytan & The Embassy's Everything Changes.

Tallest Stuffed Animal Tower

03:07 United States

Gaby stacked 17 stuffed animals in a tower.

Longest Time To Hold Lit Torch With Teeth

01:15 Canada

Carisa H. held a flaming torch with her teeth for one minute, 9.93 seconds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Longest Time Sticking Tongue Behind Uvula

02:20 United States

Zach L. stuck his tongue behind his uvula for two minutes, 13.66 seconds.

Most Bread Loaves Squeezed In One Minute

01:46 Canada

Mel Sampson squeezed 60 bread loaves in one minute. She set the record as part of The Drive Home with Mel World Record Week 4 during a live broadcast at 89.3 K-Rock radio.

Smallest Origami Crane

00:18 India

Yogesh Barnela made an origami crane 1.5 millimeters in length.

Most Balloons Popped By Two People Hugging In 30 Seconds

00:52 United States

Garon and his friend popped 23 balloons from hugging in 30 seconds.

Most Finger Snaps In 15 Seconds

00:23 Norway

Morten B. snapped his fingers 112 times in 15 seconds.

Most Candlesticks Stuffed In A Sweatsuit Worn By Two People

03:53 United States

Angela and Zach Cook stuffed 65 candlesticks inside their sweatsuit while wearing it.

Most Consecutive Bricks Karate Chopped Underwater

00:54 United States

Kevin Taylor broke five bricks underwater with his bare hand using just one breath.

Most Fiery Bricks Broken With One Bare Hand In 30 Seconds While Playing An Electric Guitar

00:36 United States

Matt Sikorski broke 35 fiery bricks using his bare hand in 30 seconds while playing an electric guitar. The combined weight of the bricks totaled 350 pounds. Sikorski is one of WSBBA Founder Kevin Taylor's students.

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