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Most Songs Introduced And Back-Announced In 30 Seconds

01:08 England

Kate Lawler introduced and back-announced 17 songs in 30 seconds.

Longest Radio Broadcast Marathon By A Disc Jockey Duo

09:08 England

Teenage DJs Daniel Bell, Callum Sutton and their team performed a live broadcast at Ignite Radio in Haverhill, UK for 76 hours and eight minutes. The duo started at 6 p.m. on August 13th and ended at 9 p.m. on August 16th. They set the record to raise funds for the Help For Heroes charity. Learn more about the feat here.

Most Callers To Say "One Direction" On A Live Radio Show In One Minute

02:50 United States

Nathan Fast had 18 callers say "One Direction" in one minute. He set the record during a live broadcast at Channel 933 in San Diego, California.

Most Ice Cream Sandwiches Eaten By Two People In 5 Minutes

03:57 United States

Naader Reda and Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen ate a combined 23 ice cream sandwiches in five minutes.

Most World Cities And Their Forecast Highs Announced In One Minute

01:10 Belgium

VTKlustrum read 75 world cities and their forecasted high temperatures in one minute.

Longest Written Song Request Played On A Live Radio Broadcast

10:21 United States

Ninad J. wrote a 21.10-meter song request to an FM radio station. He wrote the request to celebrate the birthday of his favorite actor, Shammi Kapoor Jee. He used a total of more than 70 sheets of A4 bond paper.

Most Consecutive Live Radio Breaks Rhymed

06:57 Canada

Mel Sampson did 17 consecutive live radio breaks in rhyme. She set the record as part of The Drive Home with Mel World Record Week 4 during a live broadcast at 89.3 K-Rock radio.

Most Radio Stations To Broadcast One's Record Story


Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya had eight radio stations, 101.5 FM (WBNQ), Classic Hits 98.7 (WFGR), WGRD-FM (97.9 FM), KISS FM 92.1, 98.3 FM "The Snake" (KSNQ), 92.3 FM/Power 92.3 (WZPW), 104.7 Kiss FM, and Cars 108 FM (WCRZ) broadcast his "Most Straws Fit In Mouth At Once" record story.

Longest Internet Radio Broadcast In A Yahoo Messenger Chat Room

07:37 India

B.Rahiman from Tamil Nadu, India performed a 24-hour nonstop internet radio broadcast. He talked about cyber crime awareness. He set the record during World Music Day and was broadcast in Yahoo Messenger Regional (India) chat rooms.

Most Times For Five People To Say "Sunrise Seattle" While Holding Tongues In 20 Seconds


Five employees at Talk 570 KVI said "Sunrise Seattle" 19 times in 20 seconds while holding their tongues.

Largest Collection Of International Radio Request Letters

04:16 India

Anil Tamrakar collected 538,378 radio request letters from different countries. Tamrakar is an avid radio fanatic who spent 10 hours a day listening to radio programs as a child. He begin building the collection of letters in 1980 and continues to build on it today. His collection includes letters from Vatican Radio, the official broadcasting service of the Vatican, Voice of America, a broadcast institution of the U.S. Federal government and Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station based in the Philippines broadcasting to Asia.

Most People Giving The Weather Forecast At Once On Live Radio


Mel Sampson, 10 K-Rock staffers and 1 K-Rock listener who happened to stop by the station gave the weather forecast at the same time on live radio. As part of the 3rd Annual World Record Week, Sampson set the record live on-air during the “The Drive Home with Mel” show on K-Rock 89.3 on September 22, 2011.

Largest Cardboard Tower Cartwheeled Into While Live On The Radio

Marki Wong cartwheeled into a cardboard tower made of 89 boxes. As part of the 3rd Annual World Record Week, Wong set the record live on-air during the “The Drive Home with Mel” show on K-Rock 89.3 on September 21, 2011.

Longest Distance To Throw A Deck Of Cards To A Radio Intern Indoors

01:42 United States

Carl Cutler threw a deck of cards to a radio intern standing indoors a distance of 18 feet, three inches away. Cutler set this record during an attempt to achieve the most world records set in one minute. He completed this record during an episode of Subterranean on WRLR, 98.3 FM.

Most People Named "Mick Cullen" Hosting A Radio Show

00:37 United States

Mick Cullen named himself as the one person named “Mick Cullen” hosting a radio show.

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