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Most Dogs Kissed In One Hour

03:05 United States

Billy Disney kissed six dogs in an hour. He set the record as part of the Record, Set, Go web series. See the full episode here.

Most Crawfish Kissed In 30 Seconds

01:47 United States

Nicole M. kissed 34 crawfish in 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive Eskimo Kisses

01:02 United States

Bethany and her partner eskimo kissed 50 times.

Most Kisses Of The "Noel Neill As Lois Lane" Statue In 10 Seconds

00:56 United States

Clint P. kissed the Noel Neill as Lois Lane statue located in Metropolis, Illinois 22 times in 10 seconds.

Most Cheek Kisses In 15 Seconds

09:37 Spain

Otra Movida host Dani Martinez kissed Anna Simon 55 times in 15 seconds. They set the record during the last "I Love Jimmy Fallon" segment of Otra Movida.

Most People Kissed In 10 Seconds


Elizabeth Huber kissed 21 people in 10 seconds. The feat was achieved on July, 18, 2009 at the Pitchfork Music Festival[] in Chicago. Representatives from were present to document the record. #PF01

Most Kisses Received Under Mistletoe In One Minute

01:13 United States

Bill received 95 kisses in one minute under a mistletoe. He set the record to raise money for charity.

Most Kisses Under Mistletoe In 30 Seconds

02:38 United States

Sean Sonic of radio station Channel 933 received five kisses under a piece of mistletoe in 30 seconds.

Most Kisses In 10 Seconds

00:25 Australia

Anthony Rakey kissed Florence Boog 51 times in 10 seconds. The record was set at the Metropolis Fremantle nightclub during the World’s Largest Pajama Party in Perth, Australia. Dan Rollman was present to document the record. #PP01

Most KISS Songs Named In One Minute

01:20 United States

Tyler Hampton named 45 songs by KISS in one minute. He named 46 songs, but Makin’ Love was said twice. Hampton achieved the feat at a World Record Appreciation Society event held in San Francisco on September 24, 2009. [#WRAS09][] tag:RecordSetterBook01

Largest Group Eskimo Kiss

00:57 United States

Mick Cullen, Carl Cutler, Autumn Rizzio, Carolyn Howard, and Chris Carmody joined in a group eskimo kiss during a live broadcast of WRLR 98.3 FM’sSubterranean[]show in Round Lake Heights, Illinois. This record was one of 16 URDB records broken during the show’s attempt to set a new record for Most URDB World Records Broken During A Live Radio Show[].

Most People To Kiss Same Person At Once

00:50 United States

Oliver DeCiccowas kissed by 15 people at the same time. DeCiccoset the record atThe Purple Onionin San Francisco during a RecordSetter LIVE! event. RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson officiated the attempt.

Longest Video Featuring Kissing Couples

04:14 Sweden

Fredagsfilm created a video compilation of kissing couples that lasted three minutes, 23.62 seconds.

Most Melon Kisses In 30 Seconds

01:13 United States

A member of Support The Melons kissed a melon 118 times in 30 seconds. He set the record to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

Most People To Kiss A Pumpkin In 10 Seconds

00:33 United States

Orquidia A. and nine of her friends kissed a pumpkin in 10 seconds. The record was set at First Friday Las Vegas, a monthly festival held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The record was officiated by RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson. #FirstFridayLV

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