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Many world record holders have proven they're the best by being the fastest. People show off their speed in the areas of sports, music, video games, recitation and much, much more. No matter what your hobby, if you can do it fast, you stand a chance at becoming a global champion. Hurry up and set a world record!

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Fastest Time To Complete 100 Consecutive Catches Juggling Three Balls In A Cascade Pattern

00:18 United States

James C. completed 100 catches in 18.00 seconds while juggling three balls in a cascade pattern.

Fastest Time To Walk In A Circle On Knees While Holding A Lotus Pose

00:10 India

Suresh G. walked in a circle on his knees in 4.64 seconds while holding a lotus pose.

Fastest Time For Two People To Flip A 100-Kilogram Tire 2.5 Kilometers

South Africa

Chris Batts and Chris Liebenberg flipped a 100-kilogram tire 2.5 kilometers in one hour, 30 minutes.

Fastest Time To Type 1000 Characters

00:34 England

Tim H. typed 1,000 characters in 21.92 seconds.

Fastest Time To Write "Fun" 10 Times

00:32 England

Tim R. wrote the word "fun" 10 times in 12.16 seconds.

Fastest Time To Flip A 100-Kilogram Tire 3.5 Kilometers

South Africa

Chris Batts flipped a 100-kilogram tire 3.5 kilometers in six hours, 21 minutes. He set the record to raise money and awareness for the Cancer Association of South Africa.

Fastest Time To Beat "Star Fox" With A Perfect Score Using "Course 1"

27:41 United States

Matthew F. beat Star Fox with a perfect score using Course 1 in 24 minutes, 30.00 seconds.

Fastest Time For Two People To Flip A 100-Kilogram Tire 10 Kilometers

South Africa

Chris Liebenberg and Chris Batts flipped a 100-kilogram tire 10 kilometers in eight hours, 52 minutes. They set the record to raise funds for Toys for Africa.

Fastest Clearance Of "St. Patrick's Day Match Game" Played On St. Patrick's Day

00:46 Ireland

Joseph K. cleared a St. Patrick's Day Match game in 40.00 seconds. He set the record on St. Patrick's Day.

Fastest Time To Bench Press A 315-Pound Weight And Solve A Rubik's Cube

05:07 United States

Dustyn D. bench pressed a 315-pound weight and solved a Rubik's cube in four minutes, 22.70 seconds.

Fastest Knife Quick Draw Artist

United States

Sammy Morgan quick drew a knife in 0.26 second. He started playing around with knives and other weapons at the age of seven and had a martial arts training at the age of 12. Presently, he works as a tree surgeon.

Fastest Death In "Dojo Of Death" (Online)

00:08 Ireland

Joseph's game character died in 3.00 seconds in Dojo of Death.

Fastest Time To Complete Green Hill Zone Act 1 In "Sonic The Hedgehog" (8-Bit)

00:48 United States

Matthew F. completed Green Hill Zone Act 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog in 19.00 seconds.

Fastest Time To Eat Three Taco Bell XXL Nachos

07:37 United States

Kevin R. eat three full servings of Taco Bell XXL Nachos in six minutes, 4.00 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Fastest Time For Two People To Take Photos Of Each Other And Post Them Online

01:32 United States

Ethan Handel and Jim Czekalski took photos of each other and posted them on Facebook and Twitter in one minute, 14.93 seconds. The record was set during the 2012 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. #TheDailyRecords

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