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Many world record holders have proven they're the best by being the fastest. People show off their speed in the areas of sports, music, video games, recitation and much, much more. No matter what your hobby, if you can do it fast, you stand a chance at becoming a global champion. Hurry up and set a world record!

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Fastest Time To Recite "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" 10 Times

00:40 United States

Eli recited the word "hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia" 10 times in 18.21 seconds.

Fastest Two-Octave C-Major Scale Played With Pinky Finger

00:20 United States

Andrew L. played a two-octave C-major scale in 5.08 seconds using only his pinky finger.

Fastest Completion Of The Second Half Of World 1-1 Of "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" (Wii)

00:47 United States

Matthew F. completed the second half of World 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 20.80 seconds.

Fastest Lap On "Excitebike" (NES)

00:49 United States

Matthew F. completed a lap on Excitebike in 28.57 seconds.

Fastest Time To Kill 10 Tektites In"The Legend Of Zelda"

21:13 United States

Qwerty1605 killed 10 Tektites in 21 minutes, 11.00 seconds in The Legend of Zelda.

Fastest Time To Staple A Piece Of Paper Five Times

00:27 United States

Brandon N. stapled a single sheet of paper five times in 1.82 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete Green Hill Zone, Act 2 In "Sonic The Hedgehog"

00:52 United States

Matthew F. completed Green Hill Zone, Act 2 in Sonic the Hedgehog in 22.00 seconds.

Fastest Time To Blow A Bubble With A Piece Of Extra Chewing Gum

00:35 United States

Amalia M. chewed a piece of Extra chewing gum and blew a bubble in 24.22 seconds.

Fastest Time To Recite The Names Of All Three Members Of Paramore

00:10 United States

Kieren D. recited the names of all three members of Paramore in 1.39 seconds.

Fastest Time To Unwrap A Starburst Candy Using Mouth

00:29 United States

Mike S. unwrapped a Starburst candy in 6.70 seconds using only his mouth.

Fastest Time To Eat A Fried Egg

00:34 United States

Dustin D. ate a fried egg in 14.57 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Fastest Time To Say "Crane" Five Times While In An Arcade

00:30 United States

Viktor's friend, Denis, said "Crane" five times in 1.34 seconds while in an arcade.

Fastest Time To Count To 100 In Tens

00:04 Trinidad and Tobago

Tyrell G. counted to 100 in tens in 3.55 seconds.

Fastest Time To Insert Five Toothpicks Into A Tangerine

00:45 United States

Viktor O. inserted five toothpicks into a tangerine in 3.42 seconds.

Fastest Time To Move 7.5 Meters On A Bean Bag

00:38 Sweden

Emma moved 7.5 meters in 31.06 seconds while sitting on a bean bag.

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