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Most Consecutive Patterns During A Three-Ball Mills Mess Juggling Pattern In One Minute

01:05 United States

KooKie completed 110 consecutive patterns while performing a three-ball Mills Mess juggling pattern in one minute.

Fastest Juggling Triathlon

02:49 United States

Joe Salter completed a juggling triathlon in one hour, 57 minutes. He swam 0.25 miles while juggling three balls, rode 16.2 miles on a bike while juggling two balls in one hand and then completed a 4-mile run while juggling three balls.

Farthest Distance To Catch A Waboba Ball From One Bounce

00:21 United States

Todd Amos caught a Waboba ball from a bounce 54 feet in distance.

Longest Time Balancing On A Large Ball

14:55 United States

Stephen Smith balanced on a large ball and remained in place for 24 hours, 54 minutes, 29.00 seconds. He set the record to raise funds for Pueblo Children's Chorale. Read more about the feat here. NOTE: Video courtesy of Open Channel Content.

Most Catches Juggling Four Balls While Swimming

00:17 United States

Bob E. completed 49 catches juggling four balls while swimming.

Longest Time Juggling Four Balls Behind Back While Bicycling

00:40 United States

Cool Juggler juggled four balls behind his back for 30.27 seconds while riding a bicycle.

Shortest Person To Dunk On A Men's Regulation-Size Basketball Hoop

01:37 United States

Porter Maberry successfully dunked a basketball into a men's regulation size basketball hoop. He stands five feet, five inches tall.

Longest Time Hovering Table Tennis Ball Above Mouth

00:25 United States

Cole C. kept a table tennis ball hovering in air for 5.97 seconds using just his breath.

Fastest Time To Run A Mile Backwards Juggling

12:07 United States

Joe Salter ran one mile backwards in seven minutes, 37.25 seconds while juggling.

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls While Lying On Back

03:54 United States

JJ Walker juggled three two-pound balls for three minutes, 2.37 seconds while lying on his back.

Fastest Time To Make A Cube Out Of A Pile Of Buckyballs

00:22 United States

Mason C took a pile of 216 BuckyBalls and assembled them into a cube in 21.78 seconds.

Most Golf Balls Hit In 10 Seconds

00:15 Canada

Josh Dekker hit 36 golf balls with a golf club in 10 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Three-Ball Stack

01:08 England

Peter Bone balanced a stack of three balls for 20.50 seconds.

Fastest Time To Ball 10 Pairs Of Socks

00:44 Australia

Most Butt Traps With A Soccer Ball In One Minute

01:30 Canada

Miki Agrawal, owner of SLICE, completed eight butt traps with a soccer ball in one minute.

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