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00:14 United States

Fastest Time To Recite The Alphabet Backwards While Juggling Six Balls

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan H. recited the English alphabet backwards in 5.10 seconds while juggling six balls.

01:07 Japan

Most Times Saying "Mom" In One Minute

Yuki Hirako

Arco & Peace Yuki Hirako said "mom" 361 times in one minute. He set the record on the set of a Japanese TV show in Tokyo, Japan.

02:36 Germany

Most Car Brand Logos Named By A Three-Year-Old


Sushanth named 80 car brand logos. He is three years old.

00:41 India

Fastest Time To Say First 250 Digits Of Pi With Eyes Closed


Amal A. recited the first 250 digits of Pi with his eyes closed in 22.35 seconds.

00:37 United States

Most Countries Mentioned In 30 Seconds

Doron T

Doron T. mentioned 65 countries in 30 seconds.

02:55:00 United States

Longest Time Saying "Thank You RecordSetter" In A Video

World Records For Everyone!

Jireh A. said "Thank You, RecordSetter" in a video for two hours, 55 minutes, 24.00 seconds.

05:58 United States

Most Times Saying "LOL" In One Minute

World Records For Everyone!

Jireh A. said "LOL" 176 times in one minute.

00:17 Australia

Most "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs Named In 10 Seconds

Glenn O'Brien

Glenn O. named 13 "Weird Al" Yankovic songs in 10 seconds.

00:43 United States

Fastest Time To Recite "At A Minute Or Two 'Til Two"

James Hulser

James Hulser recited the At A Minute Or Two ’Til Two tongue twister in 7.57 seconds.

01:30 England

Most Times Reciting "Mrs. Smith's Fish Sauce Shop" In 30 Seconds

Stuart Duggan

Stuart Duggan recited the tongue twister “Mrs. Smith’s Fish Sauce Shop” 18 times in 30 seconds. He broke the record live in the Bright FM studio during the Bailey @ Breakfast show. #RecordSetterBook01

00:31 United States

Fastest Time To Name 10 Of Patrick Hardin's World Records


Ethan H. named ten world records set by Patrick Hardin on RecordSetter in 12.80 seconds.

02:54 United States

Largest Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

ACCYM Senior High Assembly

174 members of ACCYM Senior High played Never Have I Ever.

01:20 England

Most Items Read Off A Chinese Take-Out Menu In One Minute

Maggie Doyle

Maggie Doyle read 82 items off the Turnham Green Chinese take-out menu in one minute. She set the record live on-air duringThe Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show[]. The record was setin London, England. tag:RecordSetterBook01

00:57 United States

Fastest Time For Two People Named Patrick To Name 50 Famous Patricks On St. Patrick's Day

Patrick Sauer

Patrick Sauer and his father Dr. Patrick Sauer named 50 famous Patricks on St. Patrick’s Day in 45.53 seconds. The elder Sauer was in Billings, Montana for the record and the two connected using Skype video chat. The record was set at a St. Patrick’s-themed World Record Appreciation Society[] event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. See complete list of Patricks named here [#WRAS13][]

00:31 United States

Fastest Time To Say First 100 Digits Of e With Eyes Closed

Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis said the first 100 digits of e (Euler’s number) with her eyes closed in 16.60 seconds.

00:32 Spain

Fastest Time To Recite The Spanish Alphabet

Arthur Blackcrow

Arthur B. recited the Spanish alphabet in 3.02 seconds.

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