Facebook World Records

Facebook world records are constantly being set and broken, a testament to the dominance of the globe's most popular social network. Pokes, friend requests, comments, messages and Likes have all been painstakingly collected and tallied up in these records. All you need to get in on the action are a Facebook account, steely determination and a lot of patience.

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60 Records Found

00:15 United States

Most Pending Facebook Friend Requests

Carel Haiti

Carel Haiti has 3,004 pending Facebook friend requests. NOTE: Moving forward, submissions must observe the RecordSetter Facebook submission criteria[], including video evidence.

United States

Most Facebook Friends Eligible To Play "Words With Friends"

Shani Weiss

Shani Weiss has 622 Facebook friends eligible to play a game of Words With Friends.

00:25 United States

Fastest Time To Poke Five Facebook Friends

Ethan Hayes

Ethan H. poked five of his Facebook friends in 2.96 seconds.

United States

Largest Farmville Gnome Collection

Warren Jackson

Warren J. collected 114 gnomes in Farmville.

00:32 United States

Most Shared Facebook Post By An Individual

Pratheek J

Pratheek's Facebook post was shared 53 times on Facebook.

01:46 United States

Most Facebook Statuses Posted In One Minute

Michiel Vandervoort

Michiel V. posted 40 statuses on his Facebook account in one minute.

United States

Most Facebook Photo Albums

Samson-Ramson Ramdon-Roaming

Samson-Ramson has 2,500 photo albums on Facebook.

00:10 United States

Most Game Requests In Facebook

Patricia Corwin

Patricia C. has 605 game requests on Facebook.


Fewest Shots Made To Win "Farkle Live" On Facebook

Kim Lawson

Kim L. won in a game of Farkle Live in Facebook with just one shot.

United States

Most Likes On A Facebook Status By A Non-Fan Page

Blake Bell

Blake Bell has 2,402 likes on his Facebook status by non-fan pages. The post can be viewed here.


Most Valuable Locker Purchased On The "Storage Wars" Facebook Game

Rick Pidgeon

Rick Pidgeon purchased a locker worth $9,140 on the Storage Wars Facebook game.

00:16 Canada

Fastest Time To Poke 10 Friends On Facebook

Kamran Fekri

Kamran F. poked 10 friends on Facebook in 6.27 seconds.

08:01 United States

Highest Number Counted To In A Facebook Group With Fewer Than 100 Members

Michael Kovach

Michael and his friends on Facebook counted to 1,582.

United States

Most Facebook Photos

Kong Kenk

Kong K. uploaded 115,261 photos on Facebook

01:24 United States

Most Happy And Sad Emoticons Sent In A Single Facebook Message In One Minute

Austin Rory

Austin R. included 156 emoticons in a single Facebook message in one minute.

United States

Most Songs With "Cancer" In The Title Listed In A Facebook Status Update

Dustin Tyler

Dustin Tyler made a Facebook post that listed 23 songs with “cancer” in the title.

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