Blowing World Records

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00:21 The Internet

Most Candles Blown Out With a Single Puff

Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster blew out a world record 50 candles with a single puff.

00:15 Australia

Most Dominoes Blown Over With A Single Breath

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. blew over 188 upright dominoes with a single breath.

United States

Most Harmonicas Fit In Mouth And Played

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins fit two harmonicas in his mouth and played them simultaneously.

07:57 Canada

Most Inflated Balloons Fit Inside An Inflated Balloon

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie fit seven inflated balloons inside an eighth inflated balloon in a Russian Doll format.

United States

Most Jenga Pieces Blown Off In One Minute

Corey Lessmiller

Corey L. blew 13 Jenga pieces off of a tower in one minute.

02:07 Slovakia

Most Party Blowers Played Simultaneously

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik played 12 party blowers simultaneously.

02:16 United States

Most People Blowing Bubbles On A Playground


Tammie and 36 of her friends blew bubbles on a playground. They set the record as part of "Fizz, Boom, Read," their summer library program.

00:39 India

Most People Blowing Soap Water Bubbles At Once

spkschools namakkal

1,296 students from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India blew soap water bubbles at once. Dr. S.Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution, organized the record.

03:13 India

Most People Inflating And Popping Balloons At Once

spkschools namakkal

1,006 students from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India inflated and popped balloons at once. The record was organized by Dr. S. Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution.

01:41 Italy

Most Soap Bubbles Blown Into Another Soap Bubble

Stefano Righi

Stefano Righi blew 452 bubbles into another soap bubble.

00:41 Italy

Most Soap Bubbles Made With One Hand Without Blowing

Stefano Righi

Stefano Righi made 61 soap bubbles using his hand without blowing.

08:43 Canada

Most Steak Knives In An Inflated Balloon

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie managed to get nine steak knives in an inflated balloon. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. Please use proper safety precautions.

00:35 Belgium

Most Times Blowing A Whistle At The Sea In 30 Seconds


VTKlustrum blew a whistle at the sea 104 times in 30 seconds.

00:15 United States

Most Times To Stack Eight-Ounce Cups Using Breath

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey used his breath to stack one eight-ounce cup on another eight-ounce cup four times.

01:07 United States

Most Train Whistle Blows In 30 Seconds

Noah Riffe

Noah Riffe blew a train whistle 78 times in 30 seconds. He blew a total of 82 notes but the last four attempts did not fall inside the 30 second mark.

01:21 United States

Most Video Game Cartridges Blown Into In 20 Seconds

Kamal Gray

Kamal Gray from The Roots blew into 43 video game cartridges in 20 seconds. The record was set on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as part of Video Game Week. #LNWJF

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