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01:33 Japan

Most Turkey Eaten In 10 Minutes

Takeru Kobayashi

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi ate 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, a new RecordSetter World Record. He set the record to raise awareness and funds to combat hunger worldwide. Kobayashi performed the feat on Thanksgiving Eve before a live audience at Turtle Bay in New York City. RecordSetter Council president Dan Rollman and senior official Rob Birdsong presided over the attempt. Read more about the event here. Become a fan of Kobayashi here. NOTE: Competitive eating is dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are professionally trained. Read more about the sport here.

00:48 United States

Most RecordSetter World Records Set On Thanksgiving Day

Clint Poore

Clint P. set five RecordSetter world records on Thanksgiving Day.

19:45 United States

Most Personal Thank You Reply Videos Made In Three Days

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. compiled 209 clips in a video as a personal thank you response to every birthday wish given to him. He started making the clips on November 23 and finished on November 25, 2014.

03:59 United States

Most Football Snaps Of A Frozen Turkey Taken By Lingerie Football League Players On A Morning Radio Show

Chad McDonald

Kylie and Ashley of LFL took 30 snaps of a frozen turkey. They set the record in celebration of the Canadian Thanksgiving during a morning show broadcast with Chad and Ballsy of 104.9 The Wolf.

07:47 United States

Largest Thanksgiving-Themed Pillow Fight

Andrew Larsen

Thirty people dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians and had a pillow fight.


Most Fifth Graders To Say "Happy Thanksgiving" At Once

Los Ranchitos Elementary School Room 308

20 fifth grade students from Los Ranchitos Elementary School said “Happy Thanksgiving” at once.

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