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Longest Distance Walked In "Minecraft"

United States

Richard walked 2,933.22 kilometers in Minecraft.

Most Milk Consumed While Walking On A Slackline

07:19 United States

Daniel E. drank one gallon of milk while walking on a slackline.

Most Successful Top-Of-Head Rolls While Walking Down Four Flights Of Stairs In Under One Minute

01:01 United States

Tony Duncan completed 24 successful top-of-head rolls in under one minute while walking down four flights of stairs.

Most Steps Taken By A Four-Year-Old While Balancing Three Books On Head

00:37 United States

Codie took 23 steps while balancing three books on her head. She is four years old.

Most Steps Taken By A Four-Year-Old While Balancing Two Books On Head

00:40 United States

Codie took 24 steps while balancing two books on her head. She is four years old.

Most Steps Taken By A Four-Year-Old While Balancing A Book On Head

00:46 United States

Codie took 20 steps while balancing a book on her head. She is four years old.

Farthest Distance To Walk Barefoot Over Broken Glasses While Balancing A Person On Shoulders

03:00 United States

Wes Barker walked barefoot over a pile of broken glass seven feet (2.13 meters) long while balancing a girl on his shoulders. Their total combined weight was 320 pounds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals

Fastest Time To Walk Ten Feet On Two Champagne Bottles

01:35 United States

Tai Star walked 10 feet on two champagne bottles in 53.50 seconds.

Longest Distance Walked While Balancing Snow Scoop On Chin

03:40 Canada

Dan M. walked 167.85 feet while balancing a snow scoop on his chin.

Fastest Time To Walk Around A Chair Three Times While Blindfolded

00:18 United States

Humberto Zepeda walked around a chair three times in 5.78 seconds while blindfolded.

Longest Distance Walked With Feet Greater Than 90 Degrees Open


Keith Hacke walked 52 feet with his feet open at an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Longest Time To Balance A Glass Of Water On Forehead While Walking On Exercise Machine

07:55 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a glass of water on his forehead while walking on a stationary exercise machine for six minutes, 12.17 seconds.

Longest Distance Walked While Balancing Vacuum Cleaner On Chin

04:10 Canada

Doug McManaman walked 44.5 feet while balancing a vacuum cleaner on his chin.

Most Knee Steps In 30 Seconds


Ted van den Beemt took 117 steps on his knees in 30 seconds.

Farthest Distance Walked Lifting A Cement Bag With Hair While Holding A Cement Bag With Teeth And Balancing Another Cement Bag On Head

01:49 India

Montystar A. walked 6.5 meters lifting a cement bag with his hair while holding another cement bag with his teeth and balancing another one on his head. The total combined weight of the three cement bags is 150 kilograms.

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