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02:37 United States

Most Consecutive Penalty Goals Scored In "FIFA 12"

Matt Brown

Matt Brown scored 15 consecutive penalty goals in FIFA 12.

01:30 Canada

Most Butt Traps With A Soccer Ball In One Minute

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal, owner of SLICE, completed eight butt traps with a soccer ball in one minute.

00:33 United States

Longest Time To Spin A Soccer Ball On Finger

Cheung Hin

Cheung H. spun a soccer ball on his finger for 13.03 seconds.

01:02 Australia

Most Bounces Of A Soccer Ball By A 13-Year-Old Boy In One Minute

Jordan Morrison

Thirteen-year-old Jordan Morrison bounced a soccer ball on his feet 154 times in one minute.

01:13 Canada

Most Consecutive Barefoot Soccer Juggles In A Kitchen

Derek Brown

Derek B. completed 140 consecutive barefoot soccer juggles in a kitchen.

02:25 United States

Most Table Football Goals Scored In One Minute By A 7-Year-Old

Bridget Parker

7-year old Bridget Parker scored 27 table football goals in one minute.

00:21 United States

Most Consecutive Soccer Juggles Using A Brussels Sprout

Jack Gough

Jack G. completed 17 consecutive soccer juggles using a Brussels sprout.

01:50 United States

Longest Time To Juggle Three Soccer Balls In A Box Pattern

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey juggled three soccer balls in a box pattern for one minute, 47.81 seconds.

05:42 United States

Longest Time Balancing Soccer Ball On Foot


Lena S. balanced a soccer ball on her foot for four minutes, 38.69 seconds.

02:02 Australia

Largest Kids Penalty Shoot-Out

IGA Australia

A total of 116 kids kicked penalty shoot-outs at the Queen's Park soccer field in Sydney, Australia. The record was set with the help of IGA Australia as part of their IGA Future Soccer Stars campaign. Soccer hero John Aloisi served as goal keeper and RecordSetter official Dave Thompson was present to adjudicate the attempt.

00:13 United Arab Emerates

Most Wins With "FIFA 12" Ultimate Team

Amarootis H.

Mo Haz won 733 trophies with the FIFA 12 ultimate team expansion.

11:03 Canada

Most Sports Represented By Balancing

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a soccer ball, a hockey puck, a baseball and a tennis ball on top of a glass. This represents four sports: soccer, hockey, baseball, and tennis.

01:25 United States

Most Table Football Goals Scored In 30 Seconds

Mick Cullen

00:47 United States

Longest Staring Contest By Siblings Wearing Soccer Jerseys

Meredith Jeter

Meredith Jeter and her brother had a staring contest that lasted 29.2 seconds. They held the contest while wearing soccer jerseys.

00:33 United States

Most Consecutive Catches While Juggling Four Soccer Balls And Balancing On A Rola Bola

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey juggled four soccer balls whilebalancing on a rola bola[]. He usedsoccer balls8 inches (20.3 cm) tall and a rola bola 24 inches (61 cm) in length and 6 inches (15.2 cm) wide.

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