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Most Games Of "Spider Solitaire " Played In Advanced Mode (PC)

United States

Bob Albers played 8,166 Spider Solitaire games. The games were set in Advanced mode.

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)

01:10 United States

Bubble ThePotato completed 179 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

Most Consecutive Plays Of "Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore" On Ukulele While Wearing A Paramore Shirt

18:24 United States

Taylor W. played Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore 46 times on her ukulele while wearing a Paramore shirt.

Most "A Day To Remember" Riffs Played On Guitar In One Minute

01:07 England

James A. played six riffs from A Day To Remember on his guitar in one minute.

Fastest Two-Octave C-Major Scale Played With Pinky Finger

00:20 United States

Andrew L. played a two-octave C-major scale in 5.08 seconds using only his pinky finger.

Farthest Distance Flown In "Minecraft"

00:20 United States

Christopher R. flew a distance of 2,125.07 kilometers in Minecraft.

Oldest Person To Play An Arcade Machine For Over 50 Hours

United States

Fifty-two year old Lonnie McDonald played an arcade machine for over 50 hours. McDonald went on a Joust USA Tour where he played Joust in several arcade gaming centers around the country. Read more about him here.

Fastest Two-Octave C-Major Scale Played With An iPod

00:23 United States

Viktor O. played a two-octave C-major scale with an iPod in 7.56 seconds.

Most Rows Added Playing Jenga While Blindfolded

03:28 Germany

Alejandro M. added five rows playing Jenga while blindfolded.

Fastest Two-Octave C-Major Scale Played With A Golf Club

00:37 United States

Viktor O. played a two-octave C-major scale with a golf club in 12.56 seconds.

Most Instruments Played At Once

02:01 United States

Sam D-C played a total of five instruments — pocket trumpet, harmonica, electric bass, electric guitar, and a piano — at the same time.

Largest Game Of "Freeze Tag"

United States

Caleb B. led 253 people in playing Freeze Tag for five minutes.

Most Patty-Cakes Performed In 15 Seconds While Saying "Sheep"

00:15 United States

Shelby and her friend performed 33 Patty-Cakes in 15 seconds while saying "sheep".

Longest Time To Play Patty-Cake While Wall Sitting

01:49 United States

Jordan and Austin played patty-cake while wall sitting for one minute, 9.31 seconds.

Most Video Games Played At Once

01:22 United States

Jimmy Fallon played five video games at once. He played River Rush on Xbox 360 with Kinect, Street Fighter X Tekken on Sony PS3, Grand Slam Tennis on Nintendo Wii, Super Mario Bros. on NES Advantage Joystick and Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova on an arcade machine. The record was set on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as part of Video Game Week. #LNWJF

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