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Fastest Time To Perform A 170-Pound Basque Bale Lift

00:38 United States

Clint P. performed a 170-pound Basque bale lift in 19.50 seconds. He set the record during the 2013 Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois.

Heaviest Tree Trunk Lifted

00:23 United States

Manuel H. lifted a tree trunk weighing 320 kilograms (704 pounds). WARNING: Weight lifting can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional weight lifter. We will not accept submissions from minors.

Largest Group Consumption Of A Shot Of Alcohol [ADULT]

01:45 United States

Adam Fidler organized a group of twelve people who simultaneously did a shot off of a pair of skis.

Longest Time Holding Up Another Human By Their Hair

United States

Dusty dangled his girlfriend by her hair for a seemingly endless 3.14 seconds. #BM2006

Longest Time Lifting A 68.5 Kilogram Rice Bag With Teeth

01:19 India

Mariappan Palanichamy lifted a bag of rice weighing 68.5kg with his teeth for 40.10 seconds. (Second video clip features longer introduction and provides more detail.)

Most 35-Pound Curls While Performing A Suspended Split

00:26 United States

Michael Martin completed three 35-pound curls while performing a suspended split.

Most Barstools Held Aloft At Once

01:24 United States

Marcus Segal displays tremendous strength and fortitude by holding up an incredible nine barstools at once, a new universal #BM2008

Most Consecutive Hands-Out Pull-Ups (Male)

01:14 United States

Nathan Van raised his body to the sky 34 times utilizing the hands-out pull-up method.

Most Leg Lifts On Men's Gymnastics Still Rings In 30 Seconds

00:30 United States

Michael L. performed 18 leg lifts on men's gymnastics still rings in 30 seconds.

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