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Most People Eating Mini-Donut Burgers At Once

01:32 United States

Greg K. led 36 people in simultaneously eating mini-donut burgers. They set the record as part of Straw's 3rd anniversary. Straw is a carnival-inspired restaurant and caterer located in San Francisco, California.

Largest UNO Game

00:26 United States

Max and 14 of his friends played a game of UNO together.

Largest In-Water Yoga Class On Stand-Up Paddleboards

34:53 United States

Fitness & Wellness Expert Amber Shadwick led 105 yogis in an in-water yoga class on stand-up paddleboards. The record was set by The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa at the Outside Post at Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Proceeds from the event benefited The Outside Foundation with support from Outside Hilton Head. Learn more about the feat here.

Largest Dixie Cup Triangle

00:35 United States

Arden, Derek, and Ian of The Bristol Hub Teen Center & Skatepark built a Dixie cup triangle using 91 cups.

Largest Collection Of Two-Dollar Bills

01:49 United States

Johnny B. has a collection of 114 $2 bills.

Most People Dancing While Gargling Water

00:24 United States

93 members of Waters Edge Students danced while gargling water.

Largest Indoor Group Hug

01:26 United States

Benjamin P. led 118 people to join together for a group hug inside an auditorium.

Largest Comb Circle In An Office

00:50 United States

As part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" world record video, Dan Parrott, Amy Zaglauer, Katie Baloian, Tiffany Provenzano, Danielle Geiger of Fueled By Ramen and Jeremy Davis of Paramore set a record for Largest Comb Circle In An Office. RecordSetter official Dan Rollman was present to officiate the attempt while Paramore and others from the label cheered the participants on. NOTE: To challenge this record, you must follow all rules below.

Largest Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookie

United States

Max P. decorated a sugar cookie that measured 18.4 inches in diameter.

Largest Marshmallow Snowman

01:54 United States

Bergen professor Mark Balzarette, students Brian Giraldo and Chris Sacelaris, and Bergen Community College faculty and students built a marshmallow snowman named Toasty. It measures 10 feet in height and four feet in width and is made of 6,500 marshmallows. The snowman was the signature piece of the Shops at Riverside and the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce's “Super Saturday at the Shops." They set the record to raise money for Hackensack’s YCS Holley Childcare and Development Center and the Hackensack High School Band. Read more about the feat here.

Largest "Loom-A-Thon"

00:57 United States

Kara R. led 109 people in using looms at once. The group made a total of 500 bracelets, which were donated to people in a hospital. They set the record as part of their "Loom-A-Thon" event in Enfield, Connecticut.

Largest Collection Of Kinder Egg Toys


Sofiya M. has a collection of 210 Kinder Egg toys.

Largest Children's Storybook

03:38 United States

Nathan Dorrell created "The Story That Set The World On Fire," a children's storybook measuring six feet tall and 4.45 feet wide. The book is 2.25 inches thick and tells the story of Jesus' birth.

Largest Group Of People Dancing "The Dougie" While Kneeling

01:26 United States

Caleb B. led 253 people in dancing The Dougie while kneeling.

Largest Collection Of Justin Bieber Memorabilia

04:18 Canada

Madyson D. has 1,012 Justin Bieber memorabilia items in her collection.

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