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Group world records are where teams of friends, coworkers, family members or even strangers get together to achieve more than they could accomplish alone. Groups have collaborated to dance, play music, pull off ambitious sporting endeavors and tell cancer to take a hike, among a flurry of other feats.

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Largest Group Of People Dressed As Cartoon Characters In A Parade

01:09 United States

Kade Hill led 89 students from the Maine Arts Camp in a parade while dressed as cartoon characters.

Most Young Adult Authors Reading At Once

01:31 United States

Led by Josh Berk, a total of 35 young adult authors read Touched by Cyn Balog at once. The record was set during the 2012 YA Festival at the Easton Area Public Library in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Largest Group Of People Reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" At Once

01:44 United States

As part of the "Dream Big - Read" summer reading program, members of Kasson Public Library gathered 15 people to simultaneously read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.

Largest Group Of Students Dancing While Wearing Sunglasses And Identical T-Shirts

03:05 United States

Kathy Kapostasy led 46 students from Findlay, Ohio in simultaneously dancing while wearing sunglasses and wearing the same shirt.

Most Fortunes Told In Three Minutes

05:46 United States

James MacKenzie, also known as "The Inconceivable Gypsy Jim", used a crystal ball to 18 fortunes to six people in three minutes.

Largest Group Of People Playing "Simon Says" Simultaneously At Multiple Locations

02:02 United States

A total of 5,290 people including The Goddard School children, teachers, family & friends across the nation played Simon Says. They set the record to promote the importance of self-regulating games and the power of learning through play. Learn more about the feat here.

Most People Invited To An Event On Facebook

United States

Ryan invited 230,105 people to Dancefestopia Music Festival on Facebook. Learn more about the event here.

Most Hugs Given In One Hour By An Individual

1:01:44 United States

DJ Blake of 103.7 WDBR gave 2,834 hugs in one hour to people at Knight’s Action Park in Springfield, Illinois. He set the record to raise donations for Children’s Miracle Network and St. John’s Children’s Hospital. Learn more about the feat here.

Most Beverage Cans Opened At Once

00:57 United States

Students and members at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville opened 1,134 Pepsi Next cans at once during their school’s men’s soccer match against UW-Milwaukee. They set the record as part of the SIUE Experience as the university welcomes students for the fall semester. Learn more about the feat here.

Most People Walking A Dog At Once

02:56 United States

To celebrate Camp Alvernia's 125th summer, 125 members walked a dog at once. They set the record as part of Project 125, a campaign to raise $125,000 for children who would not normally be able to afford to go to camp. Learn more about Camp Alvernia and Project 125 here.

Largest Google Glass Group Hug

00:49 United States

Matt E, Daniel O, Amanda L and Justin K shared a group hug while all wearing a pair of Google Glass. The record was set at the PepsiCo Digital Summit. The record was officiated by RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman. #digitalfuture

Largest Hammock Hangout

01:31 United States

125 people laid on their hammocks on Santa Monica Pier and relaxed near the ocean.

Fastest Time For 3 People To Run Through 10 Paper Banners

00:17 United States

Paramore set an official RecordSetter World Record by running through ten paper banners in 9.19 seconds. The band set the record within their "Ain't it Fun" music video, in which they also set a record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video. NOTE: If you attempt to beat record, you must follow all rules below.

Most Strangers Hugged In 30 Seconds On One's Birthday

01:39 United States

Alessia S. hugged 21 people in 30 seconds on her birthday. Alessia set her record during a RecordSetter LIVE! event at The Learning Village in Las Vegas, Nevada. RecordSetter Co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present to adjudicate the attempt.

Largest Group Of People Dressed As Superman Gathering Around A Superman Statue

02:50 United States

Michele L. and 267 people dressed themselves in Superman costumes. They set the record in front of The Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois where a giant Superman statue stands.

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