Group World Records

Group world records are where teams of friends, coworkers, family members or even strangers get together to achieve more than they could accomplish alone. Groups have collaborated to dance, play music, pull off ambitious sporting endeavors and tell cancer to take a hike, among a flurry of other feats.

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Most People High Fived In One Minute

United States

A member of Wooddale Church high-fived 368 people in one minute.

Most College Students In An Inflatable Pool Eating Pizza With Snow On The Ground

United States

19 University Of Denver students climbed into an inflatable swimming pool and ate pizza with snow covering the ground around them.

Fastest Time For Two People To Flip A 100-Kilogram Tire 10 Kilometers

South Africa

Chris Liebenberg and Chris Batts flipped a 100-kilogram tire 10 kilometers in eight hours, 52 minutes. They set the record to raise funds for Toys for Africa.

Most Simultaneous Trust Falls

00:24 United States

Jesse and his friends performed 41 trust falls at the same time.

Most People Eating Mini-Donut Burgers At Once

01:32 United States

Greg K. led 36 people in simultaneously eating mini-donut burgers. They set the record as part of Straw's 3rd anniversary. Straw is a carnival-inspired restaurant and caterer located in San Francisco, California.

Most People High Fived In 30 Seconds

00:39 United States

Jesse M. high fived 106 people in 30 seconds.

Largest In-Water Yoga Class On Stand-Up Paddleboards

34:53 United States

Fitness & Wellness Expert Amber Shadwick led 105 yogis in an in-water yoga class on stand-up paddleboards. The record was set by The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa at the Outside Post at Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Proceeds from the event benefited The Outside Foundation with support from Outside Hilton Head. Learn more about the feat here.

Most People Participating In A Hula Hoop Game

00:08 United States

Brian J. led 593 students from Crooked Oak Public Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in a hula hoop game. Each participant had to hold hands in a chain and work their body through the hula hoop without releasing hands. The hula hoop went from one end to the next, passing all 593 students, in under 50 minutes.

Most People Seated On A Fake Cow At Once

02:36 England

Kate Lawler and nine of her friends sat on a fake cow at once.

Most People Dancing While Gargling Water

00:24 United States

93 members of Waters Edge Students danced while gargling water.

Most People Pretending To Faint At Once

00:23 United States

74 members of Waters Edge Students pretended to faint at once.

Most People Playing 'Gorilla, Man, Gun' At Once

02:06 United States

284 people all participated in the game Gorilla, Man, Gun simultaneously.

Largest Nose Flute Orchestra

01:53 United States

Todd conducted a nose flute orchestra of 434 people through a rendition of Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace and the Doxology.

Most People Pledging To End Using The R-Word

00:33 United States

Erin S. led 324 people in pledging to end using the R-word. They set the record to raise awareness about "Spread The Word To End The Word" campaign.

Largest Indoor Group Hug

01:26 United States

Benjamin P. led 118 people to join together for a group hug inside an auditorium.

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