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Most Consecutive Tweets Using Every Letter Of The Alphabet

United States

Tim Atkinsonposted 34 consecutivetweetsusing every letter of the English alphabet.

Most Images Of 'Uncle Jesse' Viewed On A Web Browser At Once

United States

Dan Wiese displayed 92 images of John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse character from Full House in his internet browser at once. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Time Balancing A Computer Keyboard On Tip Of Thumb While Kneeling

06:11 United States

Tai Star balanced a keyboard on the tip of his thumb for five minutes, 56.81 seconds. He performed this feat while kneeling.

Most Operating Systems Running On A Computer At Once


Adam Hartshorne ran five operating systems on his computer at once.

Most Square Shapes Fit On A PowerPoint Slide


Hieu P. fit 15,914 squares on a PowerPoint slide.

Largest Farmville Gnome Collection

United States

Warren J. collected 114 gnomes in Farmville.

Longest Time Playing "Minecraft"

United States

Laxynd played Minecraft for 58.24 days

Most Memes Mentioned In One Tweet

United States

Matt Kempster mentions 43 memes in a single tweet. In order, memes referred to: Asian Prince Tay Zonday Ate My Balls Rainbow Stalin ಠ_ಠ Face Over 9000 Rageguy Flea Market Montgomery Shoop Da Woop Advice Dog Courage Wolf Gentlemen Rich Raven Numa Numa Yo Dog SpaghettiCat Bel-Air HA! HA! Guy Flying Spaghetti Monster Dancing Baby Soulja Boy Chuck Norris Creepy Katara Divide by 0 Hypnotoad Candlejack NO U 56 Stars Exploding Van Charlie Bit Me Sneezing Baby Panda Mustard Man Mama Luigi Keyboard Cat HappyCat LongCat Pancake Bunny Shiny Pidgey Ceiling Cat Bubb Rubb Sparta Remix RickRoll Tom Green tag:RecordSetterBook01

Smallest File Size Image Uploaded To


Peter Craig uploaded an image file to only 35 bytes in size.

Largest Group Cheering On A Computer Progress Bar

00:21 Canada

672 students and staff of LCI Lethbridge cheered at once while watching a computer bar inch forward.

Longest Windows 8 Uptime

00:10 United States

Luiz's computer had a Windows 8 uptime of 72 days, 11 hours, 42 minutes, 28.00 seconds.

Longest Time To Press The Letter "Z" Key On A Computer Keyboard

21:05 United States

Richard Seeger continually pressed the letter "Z" key on his computer keyboard for 20 minutes, 15.90 seconds.

Most Words In A Tweet That Start With The Letter 'T'


Salis A. sent a tweet containing 49 words beginning with the letter ‘T’.

Most Games Of Solitaire Played Using Windows Vista

United States

Tiffany Smith has played 74,150 games of solitaire using Windows Vista.

Longest URL Generated Using A URL Shortening Service

United States

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