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Most Viruses On A Computer


Jordan M has 277,405 viruses on his computer.

Most Consecutive Alliterative Blog Posts

United States

Blogger John Walkenbach wrote an extraordinary 100 consecutive blog posts with alliterative titles, setting a new world record in the process. Walkenbach achieved the feat in June 2006. The title of the 100th post was quot;Hundred Hackneyed Handwritten Headlines Have Happened Here, Habitues Hail Historic Handiwork.quot; All posts can be read here.

Most Instant Message Chats Open While On A Flight

00:47 United States

Stephen Goldblatt engages in 12 instant message chats while flying on a plane, a new world record. He achieved the feat while flying from JFK to LAX on a Virgin America flight. The record was set on March 26, 2009. At the moment of documentation, Goldblatt was moving 605 miles an hour, 36,215 feet above Albequerque, New Mexico. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Scanned Images Of Sandwiches On A Website

United States

Jon Chonko has 95 scanned images of sandwiches on a website, a world record. The images live on a site he created, Chonko began the project in his New York City office on November 13, 2008, and continues adding images to this day. He uses a HP Scanjet 4570c[] scanner to make the scans.

Most Consecutive Tweets Using Every Letter Of The Alphabet

United States

Tim Atkinsonposted 34 consecutivetweetsusing every letter of the English alphabet.

Longest Two-Person Comment Thread On A Facebook Status Update

00:25 Pakistan

Dawar Kazi and his friend commented back and forth 274,456 times on a Facebook status update.

Most Times To Unfollow Someone On Twitter In 30 Seconds

01:04 Canada

Joel MacNeil unfollowed [@sponcemac][1] on [Twitter][2] 16 times in thirty seconds. [1]: [2]:

Most Images Of 'Uncle Jesse' Viewed On A Web Browser At Once

United States

Dan Wiese displayed 92 images of John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse character from Full House in his internet browser at once. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Consecutive Blog Posts About Anxiety

United States

BloggerGrapeKellyKellyhas written 37 consecutive blog posts about anxiety, a new world record.The title of the most recent post is quot;Your Bed Is An Anxious Place.quot; GrapeKellyJelly documented his feat on April 16, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.All posts can be readhere.

Most Memes Mentioned In One Tweet

United States

Matt Kempster mentions 43 memes in a single tweet. In order, memes referred to: Asian Prince Tay Zonday Ate My Balls Rainbow Stalin ಠ_ಠ Face Over 9000 Rageguy Flea Market Montgomery Shoop Da Woop Advice Dog Courage Wolf Gentlemen Rich Raven Numa Numa Yo Dog SpaghettiCat Bel-Air HA! HA! Guy Flying Spaghetti Monster Dancing Baby Soulja Boy Chuck Norris Creepy Katara Divide by 0 Hypnotoad Candlejack NO U 56 Stars Exploding Van Charlie Bit Me Sneezing Baby Panda Mustard Man Mama Luigi Keyboard Cat HappyCat LongCat Pancake Bunny Shiny Pidgey Ceiling Cat Bubb Rubb Sparta Remix RickRoll Tom Green tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Comment Thread On A Facebook Status Update


Dawar Kazi and his friends have commented 584,444 times on a Facebook status update.

Most Images Of 'Caution: Falling Ice' Signs In One Blog Post

United States

Kevin Lynch posted 15 images of ‘Caution: Falling Ice’ signs in a single blog post, a new world record. Lynch put up the blog post on January 16, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. Dan Lynch was present to serve as a witness. You can see the entire blog post here.

Smallest File Size Image Uploaded To


Peter Craig uploaded an image file to only 35 bytes in size.

Most Apple Laptops Held At Once By A Professional Athlete

00:10 United States

Kerry Rhodes, a safety for the New York Jets NFL football team, held eight Apple laptops at once. Rhodes held the computers for approximately 15 seconds.

Longest Comment Thread On A Facebook Photo

United States

Hockeydino has a Facebook photo with 150,668 comments. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please visit post to check current number of comments.

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