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Farthest Distance To Throw A Laptop Computer

00:40 United States

Matthew Nunnery threw a laptop computer 24.48 meters (80 feet, 4 inches).

Fastest Round Of Solitaire On Windows XP Solitaire

00:9 United States

Tscherni completed a round of solitaire in five seconds.

Fastest Time For Four People To Name 24 Adult Websites [ADULT]

00:50 United States

Jon Satudt, Justin Davis, Danielle Barrett, and Mary S. collectively named 24 adult websites in 12.30 seconds. This record contains adult language.

Fastest Time To Collect The Eight Red Coins In "Cool Cool Mountain" In Super Mario 64 While Holding The Baby Penguin

02:53 United States

Alex Cunningham collected all eight red coins on Cool Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64 while holding the baby penguin in two minutes, 20.87 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete The Tutorial Level Of "Trials 2"

United States

Kurtis completed the tutorial level of Trials 2 in 10.57 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete Track A01 Of "Trackmania Nations Forever"

00:24 Netherlands

Division X completed track A01 of “TrackMania Nations Forever” in 24.00 seconds.

Fastest Time To Create A Gravatar Account And Upload A Picture

01:14 United States

Alex Cunningham created a Gravatar account and uploaded a picture in 57.96 seconds.

Fastest Time To Create An Isometric Cube Using Microsoft Word

00:04 United States

Thomas McGinniss created an isometric cube in Microsoft Word in .81 seconds.

Fastest Time To Hit 18 Keyboard Keys With A V-Cube 7 While Standing On One Foot

00:20 United States

Zeke S, hit 18 random keyboard keys with a V-Cube 7 while standing on one foot.

Fastest Time To Log In To Gmail

00:6 Canada

Kamran F. logged into his Gmail account in 1.16 seconds.

Fastest Time To Login In To Yahoo!

00:11 New Zealand

Keegan F. logged into his Yahoo! account in 2.70 seconds.

Fastest Time To Publish A Document To A Website

00:5 Canada

Tim Kloske created, saved and published a document to a website in 4.38 seconds.

Fastest Time To Reattach All Keys To A Computer Keyboard

08:28 United States

Patrick Karlowski reattached all the standard keys except for ‘Shift’, ‘Esc’ and the the space bar on his computer keyboard in 7 minutes, 36.20 seconds.

Fastest Time To Register A Squarespace Site

01:12 United States

Daniel John registered a Squarespace site in 24.15 seconds.

Fastest Time To Type Alphabet Using One Hand

02:36 United States

Christopher Roberts typed the English alphabet in 2.49 seconds using just his right hand. He used the the typing game Finger Frenzyto achieve the world record.

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