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Longest Phone Call With One's Dad While Sitting On Someone's Shoulders


Tommy Chalk chatted with his dad on the phone for four minutes and 24.40 seconds while sitting on Mark Clementson’s shoulders.

Most Times Getting A Mattress World Employee To Say "Mattress" On A Phone Call

06:10 United States

Sharon Newbaker coaxed a Mattress World employee into saying the word “mattress” 24 times during a single phone call. [tag:RecordSetterBook01][] []:

Most Imaginary Telephone Conversations Had Using Non-Telephones In 30 Seconds

01:42 England

Paul (Pabs) Melia had 50 imaginary telephone conversations using different, non-telephone objects in 30 seconds.

Most Text Messages Sent In One Minute

02:32 United States

Jordyn sent 31 text messages to her friend in one minute.

Most Radio Listeners To Call In And Say "Booya" In One Minute

02:24 Canada

Mel Sampson and her listeners set the record live on-air during the “The Drive Home with Mel” show on K-Rock 89.3 on September 24, 2010.

Longest Cell Phone To Cell Phone Conversation

United States

Grace Barajas and her friend spoke on their cell phones non-stop for 16 hours, 45 minutes, and nine seconds.

Fastest Time For Two People To Text The Words "O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?" Back And Forth To One Another

01:28 Canada

Christine and Emily sent and received seven text messages in 47.30 seconds quoting William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with the speech “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Largest Conference Call Joined From A Car

00:59 United States

Pat Cassels and Brian Murphy from College Humor sat in a Ford Focus ST and joined a conference call with a combined total of 82 people. Watch the full Ford Focus ST video here. The record was officiated by RecordSetter president Dan Rollman.

Fastest Time To Rip A Phone Book In Half

00:04 United States

Michael Martin ripped a phone book in half in 0.37 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip Five Phone Books In Half

00:36 United States

Michael Martin ripped five phone books in half in 11.47 seconds.

Most Tweets Sent To @MCHammer In One Minute Using A Cell Phone

02:31 United States

Bart Winkler sent seven tweets to MC Hammer in one minute using his cell phone.

Most Times Unlocking An iPod Touch In One Minute

01:19 Australia

Peter Craig locked and unlocked his iPod Touch 67 times in one minute.

Most Phone Books Ripped In Half In Ten Minutes

10:17 United States

Michael Martin ripped 67 phone books in ten minutes. He attempted to rip through 71 books but four of the tears were partial. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Largest Telephone Card Collection

00:46 India

Sunil Joseph has 11,624 phone cards in his collection. He has cards from over 224 countries.

Most Consecutive Times To Call Someone And Have Them Say "Hello" Without Saying Anything

02:11 United States

Glen S. called someone three times in a row and had them say "Hello?" without saying anything.

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