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United States

Longest Winning Streak In Robotek HD Multiplayer App

Azzo Aleksandar

Azzo A. has 124 winning streaks in the Robotek HD multiplayer app.

United States

Most Games Won On The Beginner Level Of "Minesweeper" For Windows 7


Edgar won 27,835 games on the beginner level of Minesweeper for Windows 7.


Fewest Shots Made To Win "Farkle Live" On Facebook

Kim Lawson

Kim L. won in a game of Farkle Live in Facebook with just one shot.

07:32 United States

Most Sports Competed In At Elite Level With One World Championship Victory

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber competed in 16 different sports at Elite level. She won 1st place in the 10K Beach Running World Championships last 2011.

00:13 United Arab Emerates

Most Wins With "FIFA 12" Ultimate Team

Amarootis H.

Mo Haz won 733 trophies with the FIFA 12 ultimate team expansion.

00:11 United States

Longest Winning Streak In "MLB Ballpark Empire"

Bradley Stewart

Bradley S. had a 55-game winning streak in MLB Ballpark Empire.

United States

Longest Winning Streak In "5 In A Row Gomoku" (Online)


Jonah had a streak of 62 wins in 5 In A Row Gomoku.

10:32 United States

Most Consecutive Wins In "Dead Or Alive 4"

Robert Rickett

Robert R. won 42 consecutive matches in Dead or Alive 4.

02:39 United States

Fewest Wins Achieved To Win A Championship

Lance Rammage

The St. Joseph Jaguars completed their senior boys’ rugby season by winning the Webb Ellis Cup for the Peel high school tier II title with only four wins throughout the whole season. Read more about the feat here.

13:33 Ireland

Most Wins In "Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Death Match" (Online)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. won 10 times in Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Death Match.


Most Wins Against The Computer In Tetris Clash

Ryan Melvaer

Ryan Melvaer racked up 1022 victories playing against the computer in Tetris Clash.

29:04 United States

Most Wins Playing "Street Fighter X Tekken" In 30 Minutes (XBox 360)

Dave Vogt

Dave V. achieved 11 wins in 30 minutes while playing Street Fighter X Tekken. See entire gameplay here.

United States

Longest Winning Streak To Begin A Season In "Baseball Advance" (Game Boy)

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham began his season in Baseball Advance with a winning streak of 16 games.

00:03 United States

Most Wins In One Month In "MLB Ballpark Empire"

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham had a total of 25 wins in one month in MLB Ballpark Empire.

00:27 United States

Largest Margin Of Victory In A Pro Basketball Game

Maxhoopskills Basketball Institute

The West Coast Hotshots won by a margin of 75 points against the Phoenix Raptors in an IBL pro basketball game. See the entire game here.

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