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Skateboard world records: home of shuvits, underflips, rail grinds and any other tricks you care to demonstrate. You don't have to be Tony Hawk to be listed here - you just need a board and a bit of creativity. Hit the half-pipe or take to the sidewalk and show off your skills.

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Most Push-Ups While Balancing On Top Of Two Skateboards

01:20 United States

TheSkaterG completed 60 consecutive push-ups while balancing on top of two skateboards.

Most Consecutive Shuvits

01:42 United States

Gabriel P. completed 48 consecutive pop shuvits on his skateboard.

Most Consecutive One-Armed Double-Clap Push-Ups On A Skateboard

01:27 France

Guillaume B. completed 11 one-armed double clapping push-ups on a skateboard.

Most One-Armed Push-Ups On A Skateboard While Wearing A Glove, Balancing Three Toilet Paper Rolls And Balancing A Table Tennis Ball On A Spoon Held By Mouth

03:13 France

Guillaume B. completed seven one-armed push-up on a skateboard while wearing a glove. He balanced three toilet paper rolls in his right hand and balanced a table tennis ball on a spoon in his mouth while performing the attempt.

Longest Stationary One-Footed "Yeah Right" On Skateboards

02:27 United States

Shawtgun White performed a stationary one-footed Yeah Right on his skateboard for two minutes, 4.21 seconds.

Most Sit-Ups In One Minute While Balancing Skateboard On Head

01:09 United States

Shawtgun White completed 18 sit-ups in one minute while balancing a skateboard on his head.

Longest Stationary "Yeah Right" On Skateboards

01:29 United States

Shawtgun White performed a stationary Yeah Right on his skateboards for one minute, 16.75 seconds.

Most Consecutive Pop Shuvits While Wearing A Beanie And Seven Hats

00:21 United States

Shawtgun White completed nine consecutive pop shuvits while wearing a beanie and one hat.

Most Skateboard Parks Skated In One Day

26:15 Canada

Color Magazine and Globe Shoes teammates Chris Haslam, Ryan Decenzo, and Mark Appleyard skated 31 skateboard parks across Vancouver's Lower Mainland in a single day, a new world record. It took them 18 hours to complete the attempt.

Most BMX Bike Jumps Over A Skateboard In 30 Seconds

00:46 United States

Jay Blake completed six BMX bike bunny hops over a skateboard in 30 seconds.

Longest Overhead Basketball Shot Using A Skateboard

00:35 England

Ed Jones performed a successful overhead basketball shot with a skateboard from 25 feet away.

Most Catches Juggling Three Clubs While Balancing A Skateboard On Forehead And Kneeling

00:20 United States

Brian Pankey completed 29 catches juggling three clubs while balancing a skateboard on his forehead and kneeling.

Longest Time Balancing Skateboard On Chin While Seated

05:00 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a skateboard on his chin for four minutes, 46.94 seconds while sitting on the ground.

Most Catches Juggling Three Clubs In A Cascade Pattern While Riding On A Skateboard In Primo And Balancing On A Rola Bola

00:46 United States

Gold Member completed 55 catches juggling three clubs in a cascade pattern while riding on a skateboard in primo and balancing on a rola bola.

Longest Time Riding On A Skateboard In Primo And Balancing On A Rola Bola

01:12 United States

Gold Member rode a skateboard in primo and balanced on a rola bola for 40.23 seconds.

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