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Skateboard world records: home of shuvits, underflips, rail grinds and any other tricks you care to demonstrate. You don't have to be Tony Hawk to be listed here - you just need a board and a bit of creativity. Hit the half-pipe or take to the sidewalk and show off your skills.

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Fastest Five-Yard Primo Walk

00:44 United States

TheSkaterG performed a five-yard primo walk in 9.97 seconds.

Fastest Time For A Five-Year-Old To Ride A Toy Skateboard 50 Feet

00:49 United States

Olivia rode a toy skateboard 50 feet in 7.20 seconds. She is five years old.

Furthest Distance Ridden On A RipStik While Juggling


Or P. rode 270 meters on a RipStik while juggling three balls.

Longest "Baby Freeze" On A Skateboard

01:04 United States

TheSkaterG held the Baby Freeze position on a skateboard for 51.15 seconds.

Longest Fingerboard Rail Grind

01:05 United States

Scott Winfrey grinded a rail for 110 inches using his 3.5 inch fingerboard.

Longest One-Foot Nose Manual

United States

Colt Whitmore performed a one-foot nose manual on a skateboard that lasted 182 feet.

Longest Overhead Basketball Shot Using A Skateboard

00:35 England

Ed Jones performed a successful overhead basketball shot with a skateboard from 25 feet away.

Longest Self-Filmed Skateboard Hang Ten

01:24 United States

TheSkaterG performed a Hang Ten for one minute, 10.14 seconds while filming himself.

Longest Skateboard Trick Combo In A Self-Recorded Video

00:30 United States

TheSkaterG performed 31 skateboard tricks in a combo. He recorded the whole record attempt himself.

Longest Stationary "Yeah Right" On Skateboards

01:29 United States

Shawtgun White performed a stationary Yeah Right on his skateboards for one minute, 16.75 seconds.

Longest Stationary One-Footed "Yeah Right" On Skateboards

02:27 United States

Shawtgun White performed a stationary one-footed Yeah Right on his skateboard for two minutes, 4.21 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Skateboard On Feet While Performing A Shoulder Stand

00:53 England

Oliver B. balanced a skateboard on his feet for nine minutes, 1.30 seconds while performing a shoulder stand.

Longest Time Balancing Skateboard On Chin While Seated

05:00 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a skateboard on his chin for four minutes, 46.94 seconds while sitting on the ground.

Longest Time Riding On A Skateboard In Primo And Balancing On A Rola Bola

01:12 United States

Gold Member rode a skateboard in primo and balanced on a rola bola for 40.23 seconds.

Longest Time To Hold A Musical Note While Riding A Skateboard And Balancing Pool Noodle On Head

01:14 United States

Sierra Dwyer held a note for 19.44 seconds while riding a skateboard and balancing a pool noodle on her head.

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