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    Longest Headstand With Legs Bent At Right Angle

    Krishan Kumar performed a headstand with his legs bent at a right angle for five minutes, 5.50 seconds.

    Dec 05 krishankumar1 4 comments India
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    Longest Time Balancing A Leather High Chair On A Pole On Chin While Sitting

    Doug McManaman balanced a leather high chair on a pole on his chin for 30.25 seconds while sitting.

    Dec 05 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On A Knitting Needle On Nose While Kneeling

    Suresh Gaur balanced a golf ball on a knitting needle on his nose for 51.25 seconds while kneeling.

    Dec 05 SureshGaur India
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    Most Iron Golems Made In One Minute In "Minecraft"

    Jake S. made 24 iron golems in one minute in Minecraft.

    Dec 05 JakeStock England
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    Most Times Saying "Hey" While Hopping And Holding A "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" CD

    Mike D. said "hey" 68 times while hopping and holding a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 CD.

    Dec 05 MikeDiamond 2 comments United States
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    Most Ring Archer Chin-Ups In One Minute

    Alicia Weber performed 11 ring archer chin-ups in one minute.

    Dec 05 AliciaWeber United States
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    Longest Time Balancing A Table Tennis Ball On A Ruler Held In Mouth While Sitting

    Peter Durdik balanced a table tennis ball on a ruler held in his mouth for four minutes, 7.19 seconds while sitting.

    Dec 05 PeterDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Time Balancing A Baseball On A Selfie Stick On Chin While Lying On Back

    Doug McManaman balanced a baseball on a selfie stick on his chin for one minute, 16.44 seconds while lying on his back.

    Dec 05 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Fastest Time To Type The English Alphabet

    Max M. typed the English alphabet in 1.76 seconds. He used the typing game Finger Frenzy to achieve the feat.

    Dec 05 MaxMontemayor 20 comments United States
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    Most Zombie Pigmen Spawned In "Minecraft"

    Jake S. spawned 3,027 zombie pigmen in Minecraft.

    Dec 05 JakeStock England
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    Longest Time Balancing A Cricket Bat On A Tennis Racquet Handle On Chin While Kneeling

    Suresh Gaur balanced a cricket bat on a tennis racquet handle on his chin for 17 minutes, 33.66 seconds while kneeling.

    Dec 05 SureshGaur India
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    Longest Time Balancing Two Metal Wine Glasses On A Selfie Stick On Chin While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced two metal wine glasses on a selfie stick on his chin for one minute, 6.40 seconds while kneeling.

    Dec 05 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Highest Score In "Pudding Pop: Level 4" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 49,200 points in Pudding Pop: Level 4.

    Dec 05 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 137" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 100,440 points in Toy Blast: Level 137.

    Dec 05 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Soccer Ball Crossbar Hits In 10 Attempts

    Tomáš Lubelec hit the crossbar on a pair of goalposts seven times out of ten attempts. Learn more about the feat here.

    Dec 02 tomas4444 2 comments Slovakia
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    Most Tosses Of An Onion Between Three People

    Connor and his friends tossed an onion to each other 438 times in a row.

    Dec 02 ConnorCreer 2 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Solve Rubik's Cube While Playing The Drums

    Justin solved a Rubik’s cube in 38.07 seconds while playing the drums.

    Dec 02 Justinmeins1 3 comments United States
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    Most Socks Balanced On Head

    Pavol Durdik balanced 50 socks on his head at once.

    Dec 02 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Time Balancing A Tennis Racquet On Chest While Kneeling

    Suresh Gaur balanced a tennis racquet on his chest for six minutes, 3.11 seconds while kneeling.

    Dec 02 SureshGaur India
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    Longest Time Balancing A 15-Pound Cabbage On Forehead

    Doug McManaman balanced a 15-pound cabbage on his forehead for 24.87 seconds.

    Dec 02 DougMcManaman Canada