1. #31

    Highest Score In "Pan Man" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 2,395 points in Pan Man.

    Apr 17 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Fastest Time To Drink A Glass Of Combined Lemon, Olive, And Pickle Juice

    Johnny F. drank a 1.75-cup of combined lemon, olive, and pickle juice in 27.35 seconds. WARNING: Speed drinking can be extremely... (more)

    Apr 17 JohnnyFizz United States
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    Heaviest Anderson Squat (Athlete Under 235 Lbs.)

    Clint Poore performed an Anderson squat with 615-pound weight. His body weight during the attempt was 234 pounds.

    Apr 17 ClintPoore United States
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    Highest Score In "Papa Pear Saga: Level 3" (Online)

    Olivier L. earned 55,330 points in Papa Pear Saga: Level 3.

    Apr 17 OlivierLetendre Canada
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    Most Head Spins While Holding A Sitting Pose On Toes

    Suresh G. spun his head 32 times while holding a sitting pose on his toes.

    Apr 17 SureshGaur 1 comment India
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    Shortest Buddha Statue Balanced On A Die

    Andrew R. balanced a two-inch Buddha statue on a die.

    Apr 17 AndrewRowden United States
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    Highest Score In "Papa Pear Saga" (Mobile)

    Randy V. earned 12,578,840 points in Papa Pear Saga.

    Apr 17 RandyVerburg United States
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    Highest Score In "Pudding Pop: Level 5" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 31,000 points in Pudding Pop: Level 5.

    Apr 17 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Fastest Time For A Three-Year-Old To Recite The 66 Books Of The Bible In Order

    Snehil Prakruth.N recited the 66 books of The Bible in order in 46.46 seconds. He is three years old.

    Apr 17 SnehilPrakruthN India
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    Highest Score In "25 Game" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 2,537 points in 25 Game.

    Apr 17 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Sock Puppets Lip Syncing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

    Nick C. had eight sock puppets lip syncing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

    Apr 16 NickClark1 2 comments United States
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    Longest Distance Spinning A Top On A String In The Air

    Audi's friend, Jim N., pun a top on a string in the air 615 inches (51.25 feet) in distance.

    Apr 16 AudiThoele 3 comments United States
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    Most Chickens On A Person

    Tai Star's friend, Theresa V, let six chickens roost on her at once.

    Apr 16 TaiStar United States
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    Highest Jump Into Broken Glass

    Silvio S. jumped a height of 83.46 inches, landing in broken glass. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do... (more)

    Apr 16 SilvioSabba 2 comments Italy
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    Highest Score In "The Three Monkeys" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 111 points in The Three Monkeys.

    Apr 16 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Consecutive Barefoot Soccer Juggles In A Kitchen

    Derek B. completed 107 consecutive barefoot soccer juggles in a kitchen.

    Apr 16 DerekBrown1 3 comments Canada
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    Highest Score In "Crazy Bird Shooter" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 3,700 points in Crazy Bird Shooter.

    Apr 16 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Jump Rope Jumps Using An Invisible Jump Rope In 30 Seconds

    Using an invisible jump rope, Melissa P. completed 123 jump roped jumps in 30 seconds.

    Apr 16 Melissap. United States
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    Most Consecutive Forward Rolls

    Starla F. performed 42 consecutive forward rolls.

    Apr 16 StarlaFriedman United States
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    Most Cartwheels In One Minute

    Deacon B. completed 40 cartwheels in one minute.

    Apr 16 DeaconBezner United States