1. #7

    Most People Singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" While Touching Their Foot With One Finger

    174 members of ACCYM Senior High sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star while touching their foot with one finger.

    Aug 01 BartPatton United States
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    Most Thomas The Tank Engine Trains Connected At Once

    Dylan R. connected 25 Thomas the Tank Engine Trains at once.

    Aug 01 DylanReitz United States
  3. #9

    Longest Time Balancing A Soccer Ball On Forehead While Sitting

    Doug McManaman balanced a soccer ball on his forehead for 12 minutes, 30.00 seconds while sitting.

    Aug 01 DougMcManaman Canada
  4. #10

    Fastest Time To Level A Human Rogue From Level 1 To Level 2 In "World Of Warcraft"

    JTEX leveled a Human Rogue in World of Warcraft from Level 1 to Level 2 in 54.00 seconds.

    Aug 01 JTEX 11 comments France
  5. #11

    Most Mini Marshmallows Stacked On A Stuffed Elephant

    Tina J. stacked two mini marshmallows on a stuffed elephant.

    Aug 01 TinaJones United States
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    Most Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilies Eaten For A YouTube Video

    The Essex Animal ate five Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilies for a YouTube video. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely... (more)

    Aug 01 TheEssexAnimal England
  7. #13

    Fastest Speedrun Of "Bomberman Tournament: Hi Power" (Game Boy Advance)

    Ryan W. completed a speedrun of Bomberman Tournament: Hi Power in 2.75 seconds.

    Aug 01 TheWinslinator United States
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    Fastest Ascending C Major Scale On Piano

    Dan M. played C major scale on piano in 0.33 second.

    Aug 01 DanMetzler 2 comments United States
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    Highest Score In "Flappy Corgi" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 54 points in Flappy Corgi.

    Aug 01 JosephKenneally Ireland
  10. #16

    Most "Pick Whip" Card Cuts In 30 Seconds

    Kamal A. performed eight "Pick Whip" card cuts in 30 seconds.

    Aug 01 KamalAslam India
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    Highest Score In "Floppy Fish" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned seven points in Floppy Fish.

    Aug 01 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Famous Personalities Who Died On April 28th Named In A Single Tweet

    Tasos K. tweeted 14 famous personalities that died on April 28th in a single tweet.

    Aug 01 TasosKontzes Greece
  13. #19

    Highest Score In "2048: Pokemon Edition" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 20,524 points in 2048: Pokemon Edition.

    Aug 01 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Highest Score In "Flappy Kenney" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 10 points in Happy Kenney.

    Aug 01 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Jumping Jacks In 10 Seconds While Wearing Top Hat, Fake Mustache, And Bow Tie

    Tina J. led Vincent performed 18 jumping jacks while wearing top hat, fake mustache, and bow tie.

    Jul 31 TinaJones United States
  16. #22

    Most Spins In One Minute While Wearing Roller Skates

    Jonathan D. completed 53 360-degree spins in one minute while wearing roller skates.

    Jul 31 Jonathandaniel 4 comments United States
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    Most Internet Famous Cats Named In 10 Seconds

    Hannah H. named 13 internet famous cats in 10 seconds.

    Jul 31 HannahHealy 1 comment United States
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    Largest Outdoor Zumba Class Held For Charity

    The Relay For Life of Bergen Beach, Mill Basin & Marine Park organized an outdoor zumba class with 507 participants as part... (more)

    Jul 31 JosephGillette United States
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    Largest Beer Bottle Triangle

    Tai Star built a beer bottle triangle using 21 bottles.

    Jul 31 TaiStar 1 comment United States
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    Most Campers Under Age 10 Performing A Choreographed Cheer

    Ben S. led 1,012 campers under age 10 to perform a choreographed cheer. They set the record at 92Y Camp Yomi in New York City.

    Jul 31 CampYomi United States