1. #27

    Most Pringles Crunched In One Bite

    Connor S. crunched through a stack of 36 Pringles chips in one bite. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be extremely dangerous.... (more)

    Mar 27 ConnorSawyer 9 comments United States
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    Longest Peacock Pose Held While Holding An Exercise Ball Between Legs

    Jordan L. held a peacock pose for 35.11 seconds while holding an exercise ball between his legs.

    Mar 27 JordanLambiris 2 comments Australia
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    Heaviest Raw One-Board Bench Press (Athlete Under 240 Lbs.)

    Clint Poore raw bench pressed one board weighing 470 pounds. Clint's body weight at the time of the attempt was 230 pounds.

    Mar 27 ClintPoore United States
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    Longest Time Gyrating A Hula Hoop Around Wrist

    Jennifer F. gyrated a hula hoop around her wrist for 11 minutes, 37.30 seconds.

    Mar 27 jenniferf. 1 comment United States
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    Longest Time Balancing On Toes On A Balance Board

    Suresh Gaur balanced on his toes on a balance board for two minutes, 25.05 seconds.

    Mar 27 SureshGaur India
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    Most Tosses Of A Baseball Into A Bucket From Six Feet Away In 30 Seconds

    Mark Evans tossed a baseball into a bucket 10 times in 30 seconds from six feet away.

    Mar 27 markowen Wales
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    Most Times For A Male And A Female To Flip A 75-Kilogram Tire In One Hour

    Jorncy and a friend flipped a 75-kilogram tire 720 times in one hour.

    Mar 27 JorncyPage United States
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    Longest Time Sitting On An Exercise Ball While Holding An Easy Pose

    Suresh Gaur sat on an exercise ball while holding an easy pose for 24 minutes, 50.76 seconds.

    Mar 27 SureshGaur India
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    Most Full Steps Taken On A Stepping Machine While Balancing A 35-Pound Barbell On Head

    William C. took seven steps on a stepping machine while balancing a 35-pound barbell on his head.

    Mar 27 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Most Leg Presses Using A 1000-Pound Weight

    Jason F. leg pressed a 1000-pound weight 70 times in one minute.

    Mar 27 JasonFaulkner United States
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    Most Pre-CMC Card Cuts Performed In 30 Seconds While Holding Two 5-Pound Exercise Plates On Pinky Finger

    Kamal Aslam performed eight Pre-CMC card cuts in 30 seconds while holding two 5-pound exercise plates on his pinky finger.

    Mar 27 KamalAslam India
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    Fastest Death By A Zombie In "Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies"

    Nicholas' game character was killed by a zombie in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies in one minute, 7.13 seconds.

    Mar 27 NicholasYanni United States
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    Most Triangle Card Cuts Performed In 30 Seconds While Holding 20-Pound Exercise Plates On Index Finger

    Kamal Aslam performed seven Triangle card cuts in 30 seconds while holding 20-pound exercises plate on his index finger.

    Mar 27 KamalAslam India
  14. #40

    Most Soap Bubbles Linked In A Chain

    Bubble Dude linked 55 soap bubbles in a chain.

    Mar 26 BubbleDude United States
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    Most High-Fives Given By A Mascot In 35 Seconds

    The Long Island Ducks mascot, Quacker Jack, gave 57 high fives in 35 seconds. The record was set during the Long Island Ducks... (more)

    Mar 26 LongIslandDucks United States
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    Most BMX Front Hops (Biker Over 45 Years Old)

    Martin T. performed 112 BMX front hops. He is 47 years old.

    Mar 26 MartinTuson Northern Ireland
  17. #43

    Most Compliments Directed At One Person In One Minute

    Participants of Journalism Hackathon at the CMA 2015 Spring National College Media Convention directed 35 compliments to Dan.

    Mar 26 DanReimold United States
  18. #44

    Most Coins Stacked On Their Edges Crosswise On Index Finger

    Suresh Gaur stacked two coins on their edges crosswise on his index finger.

    Mar 26 SureshGaur India
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    Most Pennies Tossed Into A Glass Jar From Three Feet Away In 30 Seconds

    Mark Evans tossed 38 pennies into a glass jar from three feet away in 30 seconds.

    Mar 26 markowen 3 comments Wales
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    Most Steps Taken Walking Over One's Body Covered With Sand

    Khaled A. took six steps walking over his friend's body covered with sand.

    Mar 26 MrKhaledAlam Egypt