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    Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Beer Bottle While Standing On One Leg

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball on a beer bottle 47 times while standing on one leg.

    Apr 28 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On A Knife Blade

    Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball on a knife blade 2,930 times. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Apr 28 markowen 6 comments Wales
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    Most Consecutive Half-Inch Marble Bounces On Alternating Sides Of A Table Tennis Paddle

    Suresh Gaur bounced a half-inch marble 899 times on alternating side of a table tennis paddle.

    Apr 28 SureshGaur India
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    Longest Time Balancing A Fiddle Bow On Right Ear While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced a 24-inch fiddle bow on his right ear for 25.47 seconds while kneeling.

    Apr 28 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest Time Holding A 4.5-Kilogram Weight At Arms Length (Athlete Under 200 Lbs.)

    William Cannon held a 4.5-kilogram weight at arms length for eight minutes, 13.26 seconds. His body weight during the attempt was... (more)

    Apr 28 WilliamCannon 3 comments Scotland
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    Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On A Knife Blade In 30 Seconds

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball on a knife blade 258 times in 30 seconds. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please... (more)

    Apr 28 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Days Chatting Someone On Snapchat

    Brittani E. chatted with a friend for 399 consecutive days on Snapchat.

    Apr 28 BrittaniEdgeworth 25 comments United States
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    Most Pistons Powered By One Lever In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)

    Mauro T. powered 1,629 pistons by one lever in Minecraft.

    Apr 28 MauroT03 Netherlands
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    Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Magic While Balancing A Spoon On Nose And Singing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

    Record Setter solved a Rubik's Magic puzzle in 2.25 seconds while balancing a spoon on his nose and singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Apr 27 KristenHall 4 comments Australia
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    Longest Chain Of People To "Pretend Faint"

    A total of 75 middle and high school students and leaders of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texs consecutively fainted in a... (more)

    Apr 27 JinK 4 comments United States
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    Most Consecutive Apples Licked

    Sgar Hippo licked 30 apples. He set the record for Sziget Festival.

    Apr 27 sgarhippo 17 comments Italy
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    Longest Handstand Against A Wall While Drinking A Glass Of Water Using A Straw

    Max K. performed a handstand against a wall for 7.90 seconds while drinking a glass of water using a straw.

    Apr 27 MaxKoudijs Netherlands
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    Most People Dancing "The Whip" While Wearing Glow Sticks

    A total of 77 middle and high school students and leaders at Harris Creek Baptist Church Youth Ministry in Waco, Texas danced The... (more)

    Apr 27 JinK United States
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    Heaviest Weight Lifted Overhead While Performing A Squat And Balancing On A Balance Board

    Silvio Sabba lifted a 63.6-kilogram barbell over his head while performing a squat and balancing on a balance board.

    Apr 27 SilvioSabba Italy
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    Longest Time Bouncing A Ball On A Hockey Stick (Junior)

    Noah C. bounced a ball on a hockey stick for two minutes, 42.13 seconds. He is 14 years old.

    Apr 27 NoahChabluk 3 comments Canada
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    Longest Time Holding A Banana Between Teeth

    Peter Durdik held a banana between his teeth for four hours, one minute, 50.00 seconds.

    Apr 27 PeterDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Archer Dips

    Alicia Weber performed 25 consecutive archer dip exercises.

    Apr 27 AliciaWeber United States
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    Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Paddle Handle While Standing On Rola Bola

    Suresh Gaur bounced a table tennis ball on a paddle handle 175 times while standing on a rola bola.

    Apr 27 SureshGaur India
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    Most Karate Punches Performed In One Hour

    A student at Indu International School performed 8,852 karate punches in one hour.

    Apr 27 InduInternationalSchool India
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 58" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 94,220 points in Toy Blast: Level 58.

    Apr 27 PavolDurdik Slovakia