1. #25

    Most Mini Basketball Hoop Dunks In One Minute

    Marcus B. made 19 dunks on a mini basketball hoop in one minute.

    Jan 19 MarcusBrims Australia
  2. #26

    Most Consecutive Days Chatting Someone On Snapchat

    Saana K. chatted with a friend for 647 consecutive days on Snapchat.

    Jan 19 SaanaKoramo 68 comments Finland
  3. #27

    Longest Time Balancing A Basset Hound Stuffed Toy On A Pole On Chin While Seated On The Floor

    Doug McManaman balanced a basset hound stuffed toy on a pole on his chin for 36.44 seconds while seated on the floor.

    Jan 19 DougMcManaman Canada
  4. #28

    Most Times Bouncing Basketball Against Forehead In One Minute

    Pavol Durdik bounced a basketball against his forehead 463 times in one minute.

    Jan 19 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  5. #29

    Fastest Time To Make An Origami Balloon

    David made an origami balloon in one minute, 6.93 seconds.

    Jan 19 starlachatham United States
  6. #30

    Most Hockey Pucks Stacked On One Hand (Junior)

    Noa O. stacked 12 hockey pucks in his hand. He is six years old.

    Jan 19 NoaOhlund Sweden
  7. #31

    Furthest Mini Basketball Throw Into A Mini Basketball Hoop

    Record Crusher threw a mini basketball into a mini basketball hoop from 77.42 feet away.

    Jan 19 recordcrusher New Zealand
  8. #32

    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces Into A Plastic Cup In 10 Seconds While Carrying A Child Brushing Teeth

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball into a plastic cup 11 times in 10 seconds while carrying a child who is brushing her... (more)

    Jan 19 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Moving Staircase Pull-Ups

    Alicia Weber performed 11 consecutive moving staircase pull-ups.

    Jan 19 AliciaWeber United States
  10. #34

    Longest Time Balancing 10 Golf Balls On A Pole On Chin While Lying On Back

    Doug McManaman balanced 10 golf balls on a pole on his chin for 55.22 seconds while lying on his back.

    Jan 19 DougMcManaman Canada
  11. #35

    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 189" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 63,480 points in Toy Blast: Level 189.

    Jan 19 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 188" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 125,480 points in Toy Blast: Level 188.

    Jan 19 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On The Tip Of A Pencil

    Demythrate spun a basketball on the tip of a pencil for 15 minutes, 59.41 seconds.

    Jan 18 Demythrate 4 comments Australia
  14. #38

    Fastest Time To Eat Three Oranges

    Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya ate three oranges in 33.12 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Jan 18 DineshShivnathUpadhyaya 3 comments India
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    Most Above-The-Head Yo-Yo Spins In One Minute

    Joshua spun a you-yo above his head 125 times in one minute.

    Jan 18 JoshuaHeadlamCharles United States
  16. #40

    Most People Singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" At Once

    Stephanie and 2,361 participants from Zero to Three Organization sang Itsy Bitsy Spider at once.

    Jan 18 StephanieMillian United States
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    Most Balled Up Socks Held In One Hand

    Pavol Durdik held 29 balled up socks in his hand.

    Jan 18 PavolDurdik 3 comments Slovakia
  18. #42

    Most Cub Scouts In A Tree

    Kim R. led 21 Cub Scouts in climbing an oak tree. They are the Cub Scouts from Pack #1015 in Alameda, California.

    Jan 18 KimRankin United States
  19. #43

    Longest Time Staring At A Pickle

    Ruby D. stared at a pickle for two minutes, 1.03 seconds.

    Jan 18 RubyDavis United States
  20. #44

    Most Two-Armed One-Legged Leaping Mountain Climber Exercises In Four Minutes

    Alicia Weber performed 204 two-armed one-legged leaping mountain climber exercises in four minutes.

    Jan 18 AliciaWeber United States