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    Fastest Time To Tie A Shoelace While Blindfolded

    Alex tied a shoelace in 3.58 seconds while blindfolded.

    Dec 08 Alex1 United States
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    Fastest Time To Complete 100 Head Dips While Lying On Back On Top Of An Exercise Ball

    Suresh G. completed 100 head dips in four minutes, 2.12 seconds while lying on his back on top of an exercise ball.

    Dec 08 SureshGaur India
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    Fastest Time To Eat Four Spice Drops In A Moving Vehicle

    Andrew B. ate four Spice Drops in 19.01 seconds while sitting in a moving vehicle. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely... (more)

    Dec 08 AndrewBoyce United States
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    Fastest Time To Complete 100 Strict Pull Ups And 100 Burpee-Pushups With End Jump And Clap

    Alicia Weber completed 100 strict pull ups and 100 burpee push-ups with end jump and clap in 10 minutes, 22.66 seconds.

    Dec 08 AliciaWeber 6 comments United States
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    Most Sumo Squats In One Minute While Carrying A 100-Pound Rucksack

    William C. completed 48 sumo squats in one minute while carrying a 100-pound rucksack on his back.

    Dec 08 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Fastest Rendition Of "I'm Not The Only One" By Sam Smith

    Cameron T. sang I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith in 38.83 seconds.

    Dec 08 CameronTelfer United States
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    Most Leg Presses In 30 Seconds Using A 1200-Pound Weight

    Jason F. leg pressed a 1200-pound weight 32 times in 30 seconds.

    Dec 08 JasonFaulkner United States
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    Fastest Completion Of "Super Smash Bros." For Nintendo 64

    Ghillie Guide completed Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 in five minutes, 43.77 seconds.

    Dec 08 GhillieGuide 1 comment Canada
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    Most Knock-Outs Made In One Minute In "Super Smash Brothers" (3DS)

    Joseph K. made 10 knock-outs in one minute in Super Smash Brothers.

    Dec 08 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Farthest Distance Ran In Endless Mode Of "How Dare You" (Online)

    Joseph K. ran 102,688 meters in Endless Mode of How Dare You.

    Dec 08 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Most Facebook Pokes

    Andrey P. received 14,162 Facebook pokes.

    Dec 08 AndreyPopelnykh 114 comments United States
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    Farthest Distance Achieved In "Monkey Kick Off" (Online)

    Diego P. achieved a distance of 4,679 meters in Monkey Kick Off.

    Dec 08 diegoprez1 Mexico
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    Most Eskimo Rolls In A Whitewater Kayak In One Minute

    Ben L. completed 13 Eskimo rolls in a whitewater kayak in one minute.

    Dec 05 BenLindsey 3 comments England
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    Most People In A Bathroom Stall Singing 'Lean On Me'

    TJ and 31 of his friends fit into a bathroom stall and sang the chorus of Lean On Me.

    Dec 05 TJBream 3 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Tie A Shoelace While Blindfolded

    Taylor L. tied a shoelace in 3.67 seconds while blindfolded.

    Dec 05 TaylorLeach United States
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    Most Pringles Crunched In One Bite

    Billy J. crunched through a stack of 33 Pringles chips in one bite. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be extremely dangerous.... (more)

    Dec 05 BillyJohnson 9 comments United States
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    Most Egg-On-Spoon-In-Mouth Pull-Ups In One Minute

    Alicia Weber completed 17 pull-ups in one minute while balancing an egg on a spoon held in her mouth.

    Dec 05 AliciaWeber 16 comments United States
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    Most Tongue Flicks In 10 Seconds

    Spencer completed 80 tongue flicks in 10 seconds.

    Dec 05 SpencerKikpics1 5 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Rewind A 30-Meter Fiber Measuring Tape

    Doug McManaman rewound a 30-meter fiber measuring tape in 20.93 seconds.

    Dec 05 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest Forward Hold Using A 55-Pound Anvil

    Clint Poore held a 55-pound anvil for 21.94 seconds.

    Dec 05 ClintPoore 2 comments United States