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    Longest Time Balancing Two 20-Kilogram Dumbbells On Palm While Kneeling

    Thommy Ohlund balanced two 20-kilogram dumbbells on his palm for 48.46 seconds while kneeling.

    Aug 25 ThommySweden Sweden
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    Heaviest Hammer Strength Seated Row

    Ryan Brown used a total of 1,050 pounds of weight in performing a hammer strength seated row.

    Aug 25 RyanBrown4 Canada
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    Longest Time Balancing A Pool Cue On Chin While Lying On Back

    Doug McManaman balanced a pool cue on his chin for one minute, 35.78 seconds while lying on his back.

    Aug 25 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On Two Wine Bottles In One Minute

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball alternately on two wine bottles 191 times in one minute.

    Aug 25 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Golf Ball On The Barrel Of A Baseball Bat

    Suresh Gaur bounced a golf ball on the barrel of a baseball bat 45 times.

    Aug 25 SureshGaur India
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    Longest Time Holding Shoulderstand Pose

    Krishan Kumar performed a shoulderstand for 59 minutes, 25.00 seconds.

    Aug 25 krishankumar1 3 comments India
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    Longest Time Balancing A Four-Kilogram Fixed Dumbbell On Index Finger

    Thommy Ohlund balanced a four-kilogram fixed dumbbell on his index finger for 46.03 seconds.

    Aug 25 ThommySweden Sweden
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    Most "Geometry Dash" Levels Completed (Mobile)

    Zachary W. completed 20 levels in Geometry Dash.

    Aug 25 ZacharyWatson United States
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    Most Balloon Bounces On A CD In One Minute

    Suresh Gaur bounced a balloon on a CD 265 times in one minute.

    Aug 25 SureshGaur India
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    Most Jumps On A Trampoline In 10 Seconds

    Record setter jumped on a trampoline 27 times in 10 seconds.

    Aug 25 MollyDeNucci 3 comments United States
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    Longest Time Holding A Cup On Chin

    William Chung held a cup on his chin for 55.04 seconds.

    Aug 25 WilliamChung1 South Korea
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    Most Stationary Rows Completed While Holding A 57-Pound Z-Bell Above Head With Right Hand

    William Cannon completed seven strokes stationary rowing while holding a 57-pound Z-bell above his head with his right hand.

    Aug 25 WilliamCannon Scotland
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 113" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 55,000 points in Toy Blast: Level 113.

    Aug 25 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 28" (Online)

    Suresh Gaur earned 178,040 points in Toy Blast: Level 28.

    Aug 25 SureshGaur India
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    Most People Squatted In A Single Lift

    Randy Richey of Omega Force Strength Team squatted 25 people in a single lift. He set the record during the Kentucky Foothills... (more)

    Aug 24 OmegaForce 2 comments United States
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    Most "Barrel Of Monkeys" Monkeys Hanging On An Ear

    Matt Z. hung 32 Barrel of Monkeys' monkeys from his ear.

    Aug 24 MattZimmerle 1 comment United States
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    Most Bun-Length Hot Dogs Swallowed In One Minute

    Lord Zombie swallowed six bun-length hot dogs in one minute. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Aug 24 ZOMBIE United States
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    Most Consecutive One-Legged Squats With Hands Behind Back

    Andrea P. performed seven consecutive one-legged squats with his hands behind his back.

    Aug 24 andreapallini Italy
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    Longest Time Holding Shoulderstand Pose

    Suresh Gaur performed a shoulderstand for 25 minutes, 38.22 seconds.

    Aug 24 SureshGaur 3 comments India
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On Two Wine Bottles In 30 Seconds

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball alternately on two wine bottles 97 times in 30 seconds.

    Aug 24 PavolDurdik Slovakia