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Longest Yodel Note Sung By A 90-Year-Old

04:03 United States

90-year-old Paul Belanger sang a yodel note for 20.38 seconds. He was accompanied by Mr. David Anderson.

Most Air Guitar Windmills In One Minute

01:07 United States

Jacob Kreeb completed 165 air guitar windmills in one minute.

Most People Whistling "99 Red Balloons"

00:46 United States

Jacob Kreeb and three of his friends whistled 99 Red Balloons as covered by Goldfinger at once.

Most Apple Products Playing "Paradise" At The Exact Same Time

01:16 United States

Joel Morales played Paradise by Coldplay on six Apple products at the exact same time.

Most Tracks Mixed In One Hour

01:00:36 England

Ruthless resident and Random Concept Digital co-manager DJ Blackley mixed 170 tracks in one hour. The attempt was performed live on a radio show in front of an audience in a chatroom.

Most Maroon 5 Songs Named In 10 Seconds

00:26 United States

Brendan Weissman named 12 Maroon 5 songs in 10 seconds.

Most Baby Scratches On A Vinyl Record In One Minute

25:33 United States

DJ Baels performed 200 baby scratches on a vinyl record in one minute.

Most Costume Changes In A One-Take Music Video

04:08 United States

In Eytan and The Embassy’s "Everything Changes" music video, lead singer Eytan Oren makes 18 costume changes. The video was done in a single take, with no edits. The core theme of the song is that people shouldn't "find themselves" but should "create themselves." It took the band and crew a full day of rehearsal and 30 takes the next day to successfully capture the final video. Download the song for free here.

Fastest Time To Place 19 CDs Back In Their Cases

02:14 Spain

Otra Movida host Cristina Pedroche placed 19 CDs back in ther original cases in one minute, 8.12 seconds. She placed back the 19 first volumes of the "Otra Movida" music collection by DjValdi.

Longest Drumming Marathon

01:17 Canada

Steven Gaul played the drums for 121 hours (7,260 minutes). Gaul set this record to raise money for cancer research. Read more about the event here.

Longest Conga Line In A Public Library

03:20 United States

Colleen LaBarbera led 60 people from Ohio Township Public Library System to dance in a conga line as part of their 2012 Summer Reading Program activity.

Most One-Legged Squats While Playing A Didgeridoo

00:48 United States

Tai Star performed eight one-legged squats while playing didgeridoo.

Longest Operatic Cadenza

01:06 England

Operatic tenor Michael Kennedy sang a cadenza that was one hour, seven minutes, 12.00 seconds in length.

Most Spins Of A Hat In One Minute While Playing A Harmonica

02:05 United States

Jack Thompson spun a hat 125 times in one minute while playing the harmonica.

Most Successful Vinyl Record Tosses Onto A Turntable

01:09 United States

Mitch and his friends successfully tossed a vinyl record 12 times onto a turntable.

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