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Most Air Guitar Windmills In One Minute

01:07 United States

Jacob Kreeb completed 165 air guitar windmills in one minute.

Most Guitar Picks On A Guitar Neck

United States

Gage B. placed 108 guitar picks in the neck of his acoustic guitar.

Most Instruments Played At Once

02:01 United States

Sam D-C played a total of five instruments — pocket trumpet, harmonica, electric bass, electric guitar, and a piano — at the same time.

Most Musical Instruments Played In Two Minutes

02:19 Canada

Mel Sampson played 40 musical instruments in two minutes. She set the record as part of The Drive Home with Mel World Record Week 4 during a live broadcast at 89.3 K-Rock radio.

Most Air Guitar Windmills In 30 Seconds

01:22 Canada

Jordan Johnston completed 91 air guitar windmills in 30 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete A Double Flip, Play The "Thunderstruck" Intro Riff On An Accordion And Solve A Rubik's Cube


Antton Curutchet performed a double flip, played the intro riff to “Thunderstruck” on an accordion and solved a Rubik’s Cube in 48.37 seconds.

Most One-Legged Squats While Playing A Didgeridoo

00:48 United States

Tai Star performed eight one-legged squats while playing didgeridoo.

Most Plates Spun On Feet While Playing Electric Guitar

02:02 Malaysia

Norzamri Bin spun one plate on his foot while playing the guitar.

Most Hula Hoop Rotations While Playing Ukelele And Singing The Refrain To The Hula Hoop Song

00:36 United States

Tai Star completed 46 hula hoop rotations while playing a ukulele and singing the refrain of the Hula Hoop Song.

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces Using Acoustic Guitar As A Paddle Using Both Hands

05:13 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a table tennis ball 523 times using his acoustic guitar as a paddle.

Most Kazoos Played At Once

United States

At Asa H’s Bar Mitzvah party, Larry Levite played five kazoos at once. #AsaBarMitzvah

Most Kazoos Played At Once

United States

At Asa H’s Bar Mitzvah party, Larry Levite played five kazoos at once. #AsaBarMitzvah

Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Bass Guitar

00:14 Canada

Dominic L. played all 84 notes on his four string, 20-fret bass guitar in 9.97 seconds.

Largest Slide Whistle Orchestra

00:41 United States

Drew Anderson and five of his friends played slide whistles at once, a new world record.

Longest Opening Chess Move Played Against A Snare Drum

13:24 United States

Stephen Weber took 12 minutes, 27.46 seconds to make his first move in a chess game against a snare drum.

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