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Most Villagers Spawned In "Minecraft"

00:22 United States

Ethan spawned 2,794 villagers in Minecraft.

Highest Distance Reached By Flying Straight Up In "Minecraft"

00:9 United States

Sinsaysinsay flew upwards in Minecraft, reaching a distance of 327,700 blocks high.

Most Enchanted Potion Bottles Broken In One Minute In "Minecraft"

01:32 United States

Sinsaysinsay broke 45 enchanted potion bottles in one minute in Minecraft.

Most Wooden Planks Crafted In "Minecraft"

00:9 United States

Sinsaysinsay crafted 60,604 wooden planks in Minecraft.

Most Snow Golems Made In One Minute In "Minecraft"

02:30 United States

Sinsaysinsay made 76 snow golems in one minute in Minecraft.

Highest Survived Fall On A Solid Block In "Minecraft"

00:35 United States

Sinsaysinsay survived a 255-meter fall onto a solid block in Minecraft.

Longest Time Playing "Minecraft"

United States

Laxynd played Minecraft for 58.24 days

Longest Bridge Built In "Minecraft"

09:38 United States

Matthew B. built a bridge 11,848 blocks long in Minecraft.

Most Zombies Fit In A 1x1 Hole In "Minecraft"

02:10 United States

Conner fit 964 zombies in a 1x1 hole in Minecraft.

Most Flowers Planted In "Minecraft"


Jack D. planted 18,275 flowers in Minecraft.

Most Lifetime Jumps In Minecraft

United States

Charlie C. has 381,312 lifetime jumps in Minecraft.

Fastest Diamond And Emerald Speed Run In "Minecraft"

02:20 United States

Arvin Guy completed a diamond and emerald speed run in Minecraft in one minute, 18.00 seconds.

Longest Distance Walked In "Minecraft"

United States

Richard walked 2,933.22 kilometers in Minecraft.

Largest Hand-Placed Nether Quartz Pyramid In "Minecraft" (PC)

00:43 Australia

Jerron B. created a hand-placed Nether quartz pyramid in Minecraft using 23,545 blocks.

Most Diamond Blocks Found In A Single Bunch In "Minecraft"

00:55 United States

Notyoda found eight diamond blocks in one bunch while playing Minecraft.

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