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01:01 England

Tallest Sand And Gravel Tower Suspended In Mid-Air In "Minecraft"

Adam Parker

Adam P. constructed a sand and gravel tower in Minecraft. He used a total of 201 blocks and suspended it in mid-air.

02:38 United States

Longest Bridge Built In "Minecraft"

Mark Matthews

Mark M. built a bridge 15,000 blocks long in Minecraft.

01:05 Australia

Highest Distance Reached By Flying Straight Up In "Minecraft"

Ben Kirwan

Ben K. flew upwards in Minecraft, reaching a distance of 814,143 blocks high.

06:32 South Africa

Longest Railroad In "Minecraft"

badzee cross

Badzee C. built a railroad in Minecraft 3,000 units long.

00:46 United States

Highest TNT Tower In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

Matthew Dickson

Matthew D. placed 9,144 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

00:37 United States

Longest Redstone Line In "Minecraft"

Lewis McPherson

Lewis M. created a Redstone line 5,494 blocks long in Minecraft.

08:18 United States

Farthest Distance Fallen In "Minecraft"

Justin Greenstone

Justin's character fell a distance of 3000 meters in Minecraft.

03:00 United States

Most Enemies Killed At Once In "Minecraft"

Joshua Remich

Joshua R. killed a total of 4,608 enemies in Minecraft at once.

02:38 Canada

Most Zombie Pigmen Spawned In "Minecraft"

Karnbir Saini

Karnbir S. spawned 1,536 zombie pigmen in Minecraft.

01:54 United States

Most Pigs Spawned On The Deathmatch Platform In A Blitz Survival Game In "Minecraft"

Parker Cline

Parker C. spawned 100 pigs on the Deathmatch Platform in a Blitz survival game in Minecraft. Read more about the feat here.

00:44 United States

Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

Ryan Shihabi

Ryan S. jumped 609,600 meters on Minecraft.

00:20 United States

Farthest Distance Flown In "Minecraft"

Christopher Robey

Christopher R. flew a distance of 2,125.07 kilometers in Minecraft.

00:22 United States

Most Lifetime Damage Taken In "Minecraft"

Christopher Robey

Christopher R. took 1,853,414.90 damage points in Minecraft.

00:52 United States

Highest House In "Minecraft"

Matthew Dickson

Matthew D. built a house in Minecraft reaching 253 blocks in height.

00:22 United States

Most Villagers Spawned In "Minecraft"


Ethan spawned 2,794 villagers in Minecraft.

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