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Longest Time Playing "Minecraft"

United States

Laxynd played Minecraft for 58.24 days

Most TNT Detonated In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

01:34 United States

ButtSaggingon placed and detonated 2,000,000 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

Highest TNT Tower In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

02:48 Canada

Terrell placed 6,350 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

Lowest "Minecraft" Tower

United States

Erin Keychain built a tower in Minecraft that is one-tenth of a block in height.

Farthest Distance Ridden On A Pig In Minecraft

United States

LJ P. rode a pig a distance of 667.03 kilometers in Minecraft.

Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

00:44 United States

Ryan S. jumped 609,600 meters on Minecraft.

Fastest Minecraft Redstone Clock

00:39 Portugal

Henrique Pegacha created a Redstone clock blinking at a rate of five blinks per second.

Most Lifetime Jumps In Minecraft

United States

Charlie C. has 381,312 lifetime jumps in Minecraft.

Most Enemies Collected In "Minecraft"

00:10 Canada

Michael Bassoon collected a total of 275 Zombie Pigmen in Minecraft.

Most Enemies Killed At Once In "Minecraft"

03:00 United States

Joshua R. killed a total of 4,608 enemies in Minecraft at once.

Tallest Single Column TNT Tower In "Minecraft"

04:38 United States

Ryan Houghtaling placed 257 units of TNT in Minecraft in a single column.

Highest House In "Minecraft"

00:52 United States

Matthew D. built a house in Minecraft reaching 253 blocks in height.

Most Lifetime Damage Dealt In "Minecraft"

00:22 United States

Lyn has 166,956 damage points in Minecraft.

Longest Distance Walked In "Minecraft"

United States

Richard walked 2,933.22 kilometers in Minecraft.

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)

05:40 United States

Matt Guggenbiller completed 283 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

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