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Most Unread Facebook Messages

00:08 United States

Billy S. has 112,142 unread messages on Facebook.

Most Messages In A Cellphone Inbox

01:03 Philippines

Teody Jasper Pacion has 2,417 messages in his cellphone’s inbox.

Longest Cellphone Message Thread

00:57 Canada

Nadia Poulin has exchanged 3,709 messages back and forth with a friend using her cellphone.

Most Subliminal Messages In A YouTube Video

46:40 Canada

Darryl Learie successfully embedded four subliminal messages in the YouTube video of his interview with RecordSetter president Dan Rollman.

Most Messages In Tuenti

United States

Ivan Garcia has 2,103 messages in his Tuenti account.

Most Unread Skype Messages In A Conversation

United States

Riley Wood 472,120 unread messages in a single conversation on Skype.

Most "Hey, What's Up?" Messages Sent To People Via Facebook In One Minute

02:01 United States

Hank Brekke messaged 14 people via Facebook in one minute. He sent the message "Hey, what's up?" to each person.

Most Celebrities To Call One's TV Show In Three Years

01:20 United States

Jason Antone, host of the JROCK Show, received phone messages from 246 celebrities in three years. All calls were received between 2006 and 2009. Some of the celebrities who called him include Mick Foley, Steven Burns and David Arquette. See the full list of celebrities here.

Most Happy And Sad Emoticons Sent In A Single Facebook Message In One Minute

01:24 United States

Austin R. included 156 emoticons in a single Facebook message in one minute.

Most Good Luck Messages Sent To Jedward

14:04 Finland

Jaana A. compiled 86 video and voice messages for Jedward, giving the pair good luck greetings as Ireland's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Fastest Time To Send A Message From Email To A Pager

03:05 England

Conor M. sent a message from his email account to his Motorola Adviser Gold pager in 46.50 seconds via PageOne Communications network.

Most Unread Messages On A STEAM Account

00:22 Mexico

Horus Theskygod has 319 unread messages on his STEAM account.

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