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Largest Conversation About A Single Topic In One Day

01:31 United States

This year’s Social Good Summit sparked a record-setting global conversation on using social media and technology for good. The summit united people participating online and in-person in nearly 300 cities, including New York, Beijing, and Nairobi, around one goal: unlocking the potential of social media and technology to make the world a better place. The gathering took place as world leaders gathered to kick-off the UN General Assembly, opening the dialogue about world issues and challenges to a global constituency They set the record during the Social Good Summit 2012, a three-day conference about new ideas and innovative solutions, in New York City. RecordSetter CTO Corey Henderson was present to adjudicate the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

Largest Cootie Catcher

01:01 United States

Led by Rob Gura, Brook, Jenna, and Morgan created a cootie catcher 36 inches in length.

Largest Corn Holder Squirrel Feeder Collection

United States

Cameron Shurtz has one corn holder squirrel feeder in his collection.

Largest Crisp Packet Triangle Collection


Seb Wescott has an collection of 1377 crisp packet triangles in his collection. See full-sized image here.

Largest Crown Cork Pyramid

00:12 Belgium

VTKlustrum built a pyramid using 85 crown corks.

Largest Crutches


Pavan Solanki and Ranjitsingh Gohil built a pair of crutches 26 feet (312 inches) in length.

Largest Currency Amount Torn In Half

01:09 United States

David Ross tore a 100 trillion Zimbabwean Dollar (0.33 US Dollars) bill in half.

Largest Dixie Cup Triangle

00:35 United States

Arden, Derek, and Ian of The Bristol Hub Teen Center & Skatepark built a Dixie cup triangle using 91 cups.

Largest Dog-Friendly Communal Dining Experience

01:20 United States

As part of a Chef Michael's world record event held at PetFest in Bridgehampton, New York, 224 people gathered and set a new world record for Largest Dog-Friendly Communal Dining Experience. RecordSetter officials Ella Morton and Dan Rollman were present to count the participants and announce the record. @thefoodfordogs

Largest Domino Arrow

00:14 United States

Alex Maass built an arrow consisting of 130 dominoes.

Largest Duct Tape Flower

United States

Olivia Adkison’s duct tape flower is 56 inches in diameter.

Largest Duct Tape Lollipop

United States

Tape Triplets created a lollipop made entirely of duct tape measuring 31 inches in diameter.

Largest Energy Drink Can Collection

01:19 Italy

Ivan C. has a collection of 123 energy drink cans.

Largest Euro Coin Pyramid

10:25 United States

Pablo L. built a pyramid using 550 Euro coins.

Largest Facebook Group

United States

Bai Shun created a Facebook group that currently has 424,748 members. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please visit group page to see the current number of members.

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