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09:15 United States

Largest Collection Of Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Ernesto Diaz

Ernesto Diaz has 900 Michael Jordan basketball cards in his collection.

United States

Largest Collection Of Milk Jug Lids

Mary Persons

Mary Persons has 429 milk jug lids in her collection. There are three pyramids, each with a 15-lid base. The fourthpyramid has an 11-lid base.Each ascending row has one less milk lid than the previous row. There are 120 lids in all three of the large pyramids and 66 lids in the smaller one. Three extra lids were placed in the middle of all the pyramids.

United States

Largest Collection Of Miniature Cows Made From Spam

Arsenio Santos

Arsenio Santos carved 36 miniature cows using two blocks of Spam. tag:RecordSetterBook01

United States

Largest Collection Of People In Dr. Seuss Costumes

Christopher Dolder

As a nod to famed children’s author Dr. Seuss, ten people paraded around the Burning Man festival wearing costumes based on his characters. The record was set in Black Rock City, Nevada on September 26, 2006. Members of the Playa Book of Record Executive Committee documented and counted the costumes. #BM2006

United States

Largest Collection Of People Wearing Jean Shirts

Boston Beer Company

Displaying tremendous aptitude for fashion and style, Charles Lyle and his team at the Boston Beer Company set a universal record for largest group of people wearing jean shirts at once (62). They did so as a stunt to pay homage to company founder Jim Koch’s permanent jean shirt uniform. The record was set at a company function on January 14, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Justin Bucci was present to witness the feat and count the shirts. tag:RecordSetterBook01

09:15 Canada

Largest Collection Of Personal Home Videos

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie currently has 4,407 home videos in his collection, totalling 465 hours of play.


Largest Collection Of Personal X-Rays

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie has a collection of five personal x-rays.

United States

Largest Collection Of Scarves

Khubra Mansoor

Khubra M. has 194 scarves in her collection.

11:36 England

Largest Collection Of Sheep Collectibles

Michelle Sullivan

Michelle S. currently has 777 collectible items featuring sheep in her collection. She has been collecting since 1996.

01:49 United States

Largest Collection Of Two-Dollar Bills


Johnny B. has a collection of 114 $2 bills.

United States

Largest Collection Of Valid Credit Cards

Simon Kirk

Simon Kirk has one valid credit card in his collection.

01:02 Canada

Largest Collection of Word Coasters Attached On A Wall

Bry Loyst

Led by Bry L., the people from Indian River Reptile Zoo in Ontario, Canada hve a collection of 4,420 coasters with designs of words of humor, inspiration, positive thoughts and quotes. The coasters are displayed and mounted on a wall.

00:50 United States

Largest Comb Circle In An Office

Fueled By Ramen

As part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" world record video, Dan Parrott, Amy Zaglauer, Katie Baloian, Tiffany Provenzano, Danielle Geiger of Fueled By Ramen and Jeremy Davis of Paramore set a record for Largest Comb Circle In An Office. RecordSetter official Dan Rollman was present to officiate the attempt while Paramore and others from the label cheered the participants on. NOTE: To challenge this record, you must follow all rules below.

00:56 United States

Largest Company Cheesesteak Party

Logos Bible

Logos Bible Software hired a Philly Boys Cheesesteak truck to serve cheesesteaks to 200 of their employees. Read more about the event here.


Largest Cone Painting

Hemanth Kumar Thunugunta

Hemanth Kumar Thunugunta created a painting of Lord Venkateshwara measuring two feet tall and four feet wide (8 square feet). He used a cone as a paintbrush, finishing the masterpiece within 24 hours. Read more about the feat here.

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