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Most Jumps In One Minute By Two Siblings With The Combined Age Of 10

01:20 Canada

Mario's kids,6-year-old Emily and 4-year-old Nicky, jumped a combined total of 299 times in one minute.

Longest Time Jumping On A Trampoline With A Dog

08:07 United States

Philip jumped on a trampoline with his family dog for eight minutes, 3.63 seconds.

Highest Jump To Balance On An Indo Board

01:50 Italy

Silvio S. jumped onto a table and balanced himself on top of an Indo Board in a single leap. The total jump height including the board reached 120 cm.

Largest Group To Jump In Unison

00:16 United States

Led by Jackson Bloomer, 95 people jumped in the air at the same time.

Most Consecutive Jumps Off A Dock By Three People In Three Minutes

03:10 United States

Zach, Alex, and Tyler jumped off a dock a total of 25 times in three minutes.

Most Tandem Leap Frogs In 30 Seconds

00:47 Italy

Silvio and his friend leapfrog over each other 30 times in 30 seconds.

Most Pogo Stick Jumps While Wearing A Sombrero

05:27 United States

Matt M. jumped on a pogo stick while wearing a sombrero 502 times.

Most Consecutive One-Legged Jumps In One Minute

01:21 United States

Olivia performed 171 one-legged jumps in one minute.

Longest Bungee Jumping Cord Made Of Condoms

01:08 United States

Carlo Mosca Dionisio performed a 30-meter bungee jump using a string of 18,500 condoms. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Longest Long Jump On Concrete

00:34 United States

Hunter H. performed a 158-inch long jump on concrete.

Most Jump Rope Jumps Using A Santa's Hat As Rope

01:58 United States

Tai Star completed 19 jump rope jumps using a santa's hat as rope.

Most Jumps On A Chair In 10 Seconds While Holding A Stuffed Animal In Mouth, Balancing A Baseball On Top Of A Jar And Wearing A Beanie

01:09 United States

Brodie stood on a chair and jumped 41 times in 10 seconds while holding a stuffed animal in his mouth, balancing a baseball on top of a jar, and wearing a beanie.

Most Consecutive Ollies Over A Sideways Trash Can

02:57 United States

JC Carleton completed eight consecutive skateboard ollies over a trash can turned on its side.

Most Orange Catches While Jump Roping In 15 Seconds

00:21 United States

Katie's friend caught oranges 12 times in 15 seconds while jump roping.

Most Hoop Jumps In Two Minutes While Riding An Inflatable Toy Donkey And Dressed In A Flared Three-Piece Suit

02:28 Australia

Berg completed seven hoop jumps in two minutes while riding an inflatable toy donkey and dressed in a flared three-piece suit.

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