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Juggling world records are enormously popular at RecordSetter. Hundreds of categories have been established, and if you can throw things in the air and catch them again, you've got a shot at beating any of them. Balls, knives, bowling pins and eggs feature prominently, but, if that seems too easy, check out the juggling records involving candy bars, beanbag chairs and traffic cones.

Other ways to add difficulty to juggling world records include standing on a rola bola, performing on a unicycle, or lighting things on fire.

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Longest "Follow The Leader" Lift Bounce With Four Balls While On A Rola Bola

01:33 United States

Brian Pankey performed a Follow The Leader Lift bounce with four juggling balls while on a rola bola in 47.12 seconds.

Longest Basketball Blind Shot Made From A Three-Ball Cascade

02:51 United States

Audi T. made a successful basketball blind shot from 23 feet away while juggling three basketballs in a cascade pattern.

Longest Basketball Shot Made From A Three-Ball Cascade

00:26 United States

Bob E. made a successful basketball shot from 52 feet away while juggling three basketballs in a cascade pattern.

Longest Diabolo High Toss

00:22 England

Pete M. kept a diabolo in the air for 4.93 seconds.

Longest Juggling Nine-Ball Ultimate Passing Pattern

United States

Nick Civitello and Justin Sheldon juggled nine balls using the ultimate passing pattern for 4.41 seconds.

Longest Kneel On A Slackline

02:02 United States

Siena knelt on a slackline for one minute, 50.69 seconds.

Longest Leg Lift While Juggling Three Balls

02:01 United States

Nate T. lifted his legs for one minute, 44.13 seconds while juggling three balls.

Longest Nonstop Juggling Of Three Bags Of JetBlue Cashews While Standing On One Foot

01:32 United States

Barry Rosenberg juggled three one-ounce bags of JetBlue cashews nonstop for one minute, 21.65 seconds. Rosenberg performed the feat on Thursday June 10, 2010 at the JetBlue ‘Nonstop Nonstops’ World Record Event in Boston’s Copley Square, held in collaboration withRecordSetter. #JB01

Longest One-Armed Plank While Juggling Two Balls

01:18 United States

Nate T. performed a one-armed plank for one minute, 5.44 seconds while juggling two balls.

Longest Plank While Juggling Three Balls

00:32 United States

Nate T. planked for 23.34 seconds while juggling three balls.

Longest Time Juggling Three Flaming Torches While Hopping On One Foot

01:15 United States

Brian Pankey juggled three flaming torches while hopping on one foot for one minute, 5.55 seconds. NOTE: Juggling fire can be dangerous. Please use caution and have an extinguisher standing by.

Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On Top Of A Soccer Ball On Non-Dominant Hand

14:51 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a golf ball on top of a soccer ball on his non-dominant hand for 14 minutes, 2.82 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Vinyl Record Album On Chin

02:52 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a vinyl record album on his chin for two minutes, 41.09 seconds.

Longest Time Bounce-Juggling Three Basketballs

06:36 United States

Audi T. bounce-juggled three basketballs for six minutes, 21.78 seconds.

Longest Time Devil Sticking While Juggling Two Balls And Hula Hooping

00:51 United States

Pete Moyer manipulated a devil stick with one hand for 42.38 seconds while juggling two balls in his other hand and hula hooping.

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