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Fastest Time To Fold A Brompton Bicycle

00:46 England

Anthony B. folded a Brompton bicycle in 5.96 seconds.

Largest Paper Banger

01:24 United States

Zachary C. made a paper banger 13 inches in length.

Smallest Origami Cobra Made From Rupee Notes


Neelesh K. created an origami cobra measuring 243 centimeters long using Indian Rupee notes.

Fastest Time To Make A Shuriken Origami

02:08 Australia

Riley K. made a shuriken origami figure in one minute, 48.94 seconds.

Smallest Cootie Catcher


Yogesh Barnela folded a cootie catcher, also known as a paper fortune teller, that measured 1 millimeter across.

Longest Time To Hold Tongue In A Backwards Bend

02:25 Brazil

Igor F. bent his tongue and held it in position for two minutes, 20.42 seconds.

Fastest Time To Roll Up A 12-Inch Aluminum Frying Pan

00:23 United States

Clint Poore used his bare hands to roll up a 12-inch aluminum frying pan in 10.65 seconds.

Fastest Time To Roll Up An Eight-Inch Aluminum Frying Pan

00:24 United States

Clint Poore used his bare hands to roll up an eight-inch aluminum frying pan in 11.20 seconds.

Largest Origami Collection

South Africa

Dayle Klinkhamer has 200 origami pieces in his collection.

Fastest Time To Fold And Unfold A Brompton Bicycle

00:37 England

Anthony Biffa folded and unfolded a Brompton bicycle in 21.04 seconds.

Largest Cootie Catcher

01:01 United States

Led by Rob Gura, Brook, Jenna, and Morgan created a cootie catcher 36 inches in length.

Most Origami Stars Fit Inside A Large Origami Star

03:36 Mexico

Tessie Mss fit 1,000 origami stars inside a large origami star.

Most Cootie Catchers Made By Two People In 10 Minutes

10:54 United States

Nicole McLaughlin and her friend made 26 cootie catchers in 10 minutes.

Most Towels Balanced On Head While Balancing On A Rola Bola

01:45 United States

Brian Pankey balanced 15 towels on his head while balancing on a rola bola.

Fastest Time To Fold A Five-Fold Thai Crown

00:55 Australia

Nick Thompson made a five-fold Thai crown in 13.80 seconds.

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