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Tallest Plastic Cup Tower

Austin Pajcic stacked 22 plastic cups on top of each other end-to-end.

Tallest Tower Of Humans Wearing One Sock Each And Brushing Teeth While Listening To "Thriller"

00:34 United States

Seven attendees of iD Tech Camp - Villanova each put on one sock, brushed their teeth and climbed into a tower formation, all while listening to Thriller. [#iDTech][]

Most Milk Consumed While Walking On A Slackline

07:19 United States

Daniel E. drank one gallon of milk while walking on a slackline.

Longest Time Holding 10 Books In One Hand While Balancing On One Foot

United States

Taylor W. held 10 books in one hand for one minute, 33.00 seconds while balancing on one foot.

Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On Back Of Hand

08:57 United States

Viktor O. balanced a golf ball on the back of his hand for eight minutes, 22.04 seconds.

Largest Human Pyramid

United States

Ben Jenkins and 14 of his friends formed a record-breaking human pyramid.

Tallest Solo Cup Tower

United States

Peyton R. stacked 405 red solo cups in a single tower.

Tallest Marshmallow Tower

01:19 United States

Brian Pankey stacked eight marshmallows on top of each other.

Tallest VHS Tape Tower

00:17 United States

Eric W. built a VHS tape tower measuring 101 inches tall.

Tallest Dime Tower

00:08 United States

Most Quarters Balanced On Hand

04:29 United States

Jed Tarlow balanced 80 American quarters on the back of his hand.

Tallest Nickel Tower Balanced On Hand

01:13 United States

Itai Hakimian balanced 51 American nickels on his right hand.

Longest Time Balancing Three Beer Bottles On Thumb

01:49 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced three beer bottles on his thumb for 47.37 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Juggling Club On Head

09:59 United States

Kyle J. balanced a juggling club on his head for nine minutes, 36.84 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A 12-Foot Step Ladder On Chin

01:38 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a 12-foot step ladder on his chin for 28.06 seconds.

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