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Most Consecutive Tennis Volleys

01:51 United States

Record is set on 4th attempt in video.

Most Back Of Hand Push-Ups In One Hour While Wearing A 40-Pound Pack

01:03:21 France

Guillaume Bourgeois completed 854 push-ups on the back of his hands in one hour. He completed the attempt while wearing a 40-pound pack on his back.

Most Apples Hit With A Metal Baseball Bat In 30 Seconds

00:45 United States

Tyler Sysmahit 18 apples with a metal baseball bat in 30 seconds.

Most Punching Bag Punches In 15 Seconds

00:14 Pakistan

Ahmad Amin Bodla punched a punching bag 190 times in 15 seconds.

Longest Knuckle Handstand On Concrete

01:45 United States

Finn Williams performed a handstand on his knuckles on the concrete floor of his basement for one minute, 25.09 seconds.

Most Push-Ups In 24 Hours

10:46 United States

Charles Servizio completed 46,001 push-ups in 24 hours.

Longest Peacock Pose Held

00:52 India

Suresh G. held the peacock pose for 37.73 seconds.

Most Consecutive Jumps Over One's Own Leg

01:15 United States

Josh Graber displays tremendous leaping fortitude by jumping over his own leg an unprecedented 19 consecutive times. Graber never let go of his non-jumping foot while setting the record.

Most 'Around The World' Basketball Dribbles In One Minute

00:58 United States

Most Ottoman Bench Presses In 30 Seconds

00:49 United States

Justin Kay bench pressed an ottoman 63 times in 30 seconds, a new world record. He performed the feat on June 28, 2009 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Brian Justie was present as a witness.

Longest Dryland Waterski Session

00:21 United States

Steve Sandholm dryland waterskiied for 17.34 seconds without falling over. He was pulled by a lawn tractor while achieving the feat. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Consecutive Push-Ups (Female)

01:18 United States

Julie Jefferson completed 50 consecutive push-ups.

Most Tent Circulations In One Minute

01:08 United States

Using deft moves and kangaroo-like jumping ability, Rob Birdsong sets a new universal record with 11 tent circulations in one minute. Each circulation consisted of Rob entering the tent from one side door, exiting through the other side door, and then jumping over the tent back to his starting position. The record was set on December 14, 2008 at Birdsong’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Ryan Brown and Schuyler Van Horn witnessed and documented the feat.

Longest Bicycle Skid Mark

05:40 United States

Full details of the record available here.

Longest Successful Croquet Shot

00:58 United States

Jovah Siegel made an accurate croquet shot 16 feet in length.

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