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Juggling world records are enormously popular at RecordSetter. Hundreds of categories have been established, and if you can throw things in the air and catch them again, you've got a shot at beating any of them. Balls, knives, bowling pins and eggs feature prominently, but, if that seems too easy, check out the juggling records involving candy bars, beanbag chairs and traffic cones.

Other ways to add difficulty to juggling world records include standing on a rola bola, performing on a unicycle, or lighting things on fire.

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Most Catches Of Five Clubs While Hula Hooping With Chin Balance Start

00:28 United States

Tony Duncan completed 40 catches with five clubs while hula hooping with chin balance start.

Most Three-Ball Cascade Juggling Catches While Sleeping A Yo-Yo In A Trapeze

00:30 United States

Forrest York completed 28 catches of a three-ball cascade juggling pattern while sleeping a yo-yo in a trapeze.

Longest Time To Rotate A Devil Stick With One Hand Using A Hand Stick

11:30 United States

Pete Moyer rotated a devil stick with one hand using a hand stick for 11 minutes, 2.70 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance Juggling Club On Chin While Singing And Playing Guitar

02:15 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a juggling club on his chin for one minute, 45.61 seconds while singing and playing guitar.

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls In A Half-Shower Pattern While Hula Hooping

02:46 United States

Pete Moyer juggled three two-pound balls in a half-shower pattern for two minutes, 30.25 seconds while hula hooping.

Most Clubs Juggled While Balancing A Unicycle On Forehead

00:26 United States

Brian Pankey juggled four clubs while balancing a unicycle on his forehead.

Most Clubs Juggled While Balancing On An Unsupported Ladder

00:27 Czech Republic

Emil Faltynek juggled six clubs while balancing on top of an unsupported, 2.30-meter ladder.

Most Pirouettes Performed While Juggling Three Nine-Inch Tennis Balls

01:23 United States

Tony Duncan completed nine consecutive pirouettes while juggling three nine-inch tennis balls.

Fastest Time To Run A 5K Race While Juggling Three Pieces Of Fruit

United States

Pete Moyer finished a 5-kilometer race during the Fat Ass 5k event in 25 minutes, 23 seconds while juggling three assorted pieces of fruit. Proceeds of the race went to his town's local charities.

Most Catches Juggling Three Beanbag Chairs In A Shower Pattern

00:23 United States

Brian Pankey complated 28 catches juggling three beanbag chairs in a shower pattern. He set the record to celebrate World Juggling Day. #WorldJugglingDay2012

Most Consecutive Boomerang Mouth Catches

01:06 United States

David Cain threw a boomerang and caught it in his mouth three times.

Most Rings Juggled With Pullover Finish And Hands-Free Final Catch

00:16 United States

Bob Mendelsohn juggled six rings, performing a pullover finish and hands-free final catch.

Most Catches Juggling Six Knives

00:16 United States

Thom W. completed six catches juggling six knives. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional juggler. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Most Catches Juggling Two Tennis Balls While Spinning A Basketball On Pencil And Balancing A Book On Head

01:04 United States

Brian Pankey completed 79 catches juggling two tennis balls while spinning a basketball on a pencil and balancing a book on his head.

Longest One-Armed Plank While Juggling Two Balls

01:18 United States

Nate T. performed a one-armed plank for one minute, 5.44 seconds while juggling two balls.

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