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Most Devil Stick Handstick Finger Spins While Maintaining A Devil Stick Aloft

00:53 Germany

Lukas R. completed 88 devil stick handstick finger spins while maintaining a devil stick being kept aloft.

Longest Time To Spin An American Penny

00:32 United States

Rachel R. spun an American penny for 17.47 seconds.

Most Office Chair Spins

00:54 United States

Tai Star spun an office chair 16 times with a single push.

Largest Ball Spun On One Finger While Hula Hooping

00:41 United States

Pete Moyer spun a 30-inch diameter Swiss ball on his index finger while hula hooping.

Most 360-Degree Turns While Manipulating A Devil Stick One-Handed

01:56 Germany

Lukas R. performed 29 360-degree turns while manipulating a devil stick one-handed.

Most Consecutive One-Hand Devil Stick Rotations While Balancing On A Rola Bola

03:23 Germany

Lukas R. completed 485 one-handed devil stick rotations.

Longest Time Spinning Basketball On One Finger

00:33 United States

Anthony spun a basketball on one finger for 40 minutes, 12.00 seconds.

Most Over-The-Thumb Pen Spins While Using A Cell Phone

01:03 United States

Karl M. performed 70 over-the-thumb pen spins while playing Mega Run on his cellphone.

Most "Extended Infinity" Pen Spinning Tricks

01:42 United States

Alex performed the Extended Infinity pen spinning trick 64 consecutive times.

Most Dreidels Spun at Once

01:37 United States

Students, faculty members and communities at Binghamton University spun 749 dreidels at once during the third day of Chanukah. They set the record to raise money for kids with cancer. Over $10,000 was raised for charity.

Longest Time Spinning Lighter On Finger

03:23 United States

Ryan R. spun a lighter on his finger for three minutes, 18.84 seconds.

Longest Time Spinning Poi With One Hand While Sitting On A Slackline

00:44 United States

Tai Star spun poi with one hand for 32.11 seconds while sitting on a slackline.

Longest Time To Spin A Pen

00:7 Poland

Jakub P. spun a pen for 4.09 seconds.

Most Upward Spins In A Wheelchair

00:18 United States

Augustijn performed four upward spins in a wheelchair.

Most Consecutive Triangle Cuts While Spinning A Playing Card On A Playing Card Using A Fan

03:01 India

Kamal A. completed 31 triangle cuts while spinning a playing card on a playing card using a fan.

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