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Longest Tennis Ball Putt Into A Door

01:46 Canada

Doug McManaman used a golf club to putt a tennis ball into a door 840 inches (70 feet) away.

Most Sticky Notes On The Brim Of A Baseball Hat

United States

Logan Davis put 101 sticky notes on the brim of his baseball hat.

Most Mini Golf Trick Shots Made In Seven Minutes

07:01 United States

Allan Cox made 52 mini golf trick shots in seven minutes, including a 10X Rapid Fire Shot and long putt greater than 135 feet. He performed the feat as an entry in the 2012 Putter King Scavenger Hunt.

Farthest Distance To Putt A Golf Ball Through A Car Tire


Doug McManaman used a golf putter to knock a golf ball through a loop made of a sliced car tire 92.83 feet (1,114 inches) away.

Farthest Distance To Putt A Tennis Ball Through A Car Tire

07:26 Canada

DougMcManaman used a putter to knock a tennis ball through a car tire 90.25 feet (1,083 inches) away.

Most Socks Put On By Two People In One Minute

04:30 Canada

Zak and Isaac put on a total of 42 socks in one minute.

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon SoulSilver Version" (DS)

00:24 Ireland

Joseph K. put 323 hours and 45 minutes into Pokemon SoulSilver.

Most Eggs Put In An Egg Carton In One Minute Using A Pick-Up Gripper

05:32 Canada

Doug McManaman placed 13 eggs in an egg carton in one minute using a pick-up gripper.

Fewest Golf Strokes Needed To Putt A Six On A Die

00:24 United States

Viktor O. took one putt to make a die turn up six pips.

Lowest 18-Hole Golf Score At The Himalayas Putting Course

09:52 United States

Zane W. completed the 18-hole golf course at The Himalayas Putting Course in St. Andrews, Scotland in 40 strokes.

Most Successful Putts Made By A Group In One Minute

01:17 United States

Members of Chosen Youth made three successful putts in one minute.

Farthest Distance To Putt A Blue-Footed Booby Plush Doll Into A Drum

00:7 United States

Jacob Kreeb used a golf club to putt a blue-footed booby plush doll into a drum six feet away.

Most Ostrich Eggs Put In A Microwave

United States

Ward put two ostrich eggs in a microwave.

Most Times To Pull Apart A Two-Piece Fishing Rod And Reassemble It In 30 Seconds

01:02 United States

Andy Pelphrey pulled apart and reassembled a two-piece fishing rod 22 times in 30 seconds.

Farthest Distance To Putt A Baseball Through A Tire

04:50 Canada

Doug McManaman used a putter to roll a baseball through a tire, causing the baseball to travel a total distance of 670 inches (55 feet, 10 inches) away.

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