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Highest Score In "Word Warp"

United States

Jon Prichard scored 7,046,840 points in a single game of Word Warp[]on his iPhone.

Most Points For A Jigglypuff Photo In "Pokemon Snap"

00:33 United States

Stephen Kessler scored 6,430 points by taking a single photo of Jigglypuff inPokemon Snapon theNintendo 64.

Highest Single Move "Words With Friends" Score Using Four Tiles

United States

Todd Miller earned 648 points by playing the word "OXYPHENBUTAZONE" in Words With Friends.

Highest Score On "Castlevania World" (Arcade)

58:25 United States

Matt Walters earned 1,489,640 points on the arcade version of Castlevania World. He performed the feat at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois.

Highest Score In A Game Of "Dice City Rollers"

United States

Alex Cunningham earned 1,062 points in a game of Dice City Rollers.

Largest Margin Of Victory In A Pro Basketball Game

00:27 United States

The West Coast Hotshots won by a margin of 75 points against the Phoenix Raptors in an IBL pro basketball game. See the entire game here.

Highest Score On Level 1-1 Of "Angry Birds - Poached Eggs"


Marco D. earned 39,110 points on level 1-1 of Angry Birds - Poached Eggs.

Highest Scoring Move From Playing A Single "G" In Scrabble

01:30 United States

Alex Cunningham scored 117 points from placing a letter "G" in a game of Scrabble.

Highest Score In Classic Mode Of "Fruit Ninja"

United States

Caleb earned 52,836 points in Fruit Ninja. The game was set to Classic Mode.

Highest Score On Level 1-8 Of "Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang"


Sudipta B. earned 69,770 points on level 1-8 of Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang.

Highest Score On Level 1-1 Of "Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang"

United States

Brandon Dybdahl earned 28,490 points on level 1-1 of Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang.

Highest Score In "Donkey Kong Jr."

United States

Paul Zimmerman earned 1,034,800 points in Donkey Kong Jr.

Highest Score In "Joust" Video Arcade Game (MAME)

United States

Lonnie McDonald earned 10,007,800 points in the Joust video arcade game. This is the first time since the 80's that a game has been played in the Twin Galaxies original home.

Highest Score In "Swan Shooter: Night Strike" (Wii)

05:26 United States

Shawne Vinson earned 3,479,900 points in Swan Shooter: Night Strike.

Highest Score In Game 3 Of "Berzerk" (Atari 2600)

08:52:43 United States

Christian Keilback earned 868,590 points in Game 3 of Berzerk.

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