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Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Five-String Bass Guitar

00:46 United States

Eric Buffett played all 125 notes on a five string, 24-fret bass guitar in 22.62 seconds.

Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Guitar

00:52 United States

Fewest Beats Of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Played In One Minute

03:06 United States

Blast Off!!! played just 24 beats of Sweet Child O’ Mine in one minute, a world record. The band performed the song on July 14, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present to witness and time the feat. [#WRAS07][]

Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Bass Guitar

00:14 Canada

Dominic L. played all 84 notes on his four string, 20-fret bass guitar in 9.97 seconds.

Most Notes Played On An Electric Djembe

03:11 United States

Using a combination of muting, pedals, custom sounds and presets, Alex Alexander[] played 1,440 notes on his custom-built electric djembe.

Longest Vocal Note

19:59 England

Operatic tenor Michael Kennedy sang a single vocal note that lasted 19 minutes, 18.76 seconds. He used circular breathing to achieve the feat. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Notes Posted In Public Places By A Fictional Character

03:32 United States

Panayiota posted 50 notes in public places around New Cross, London, all signed by a fictional character named ‘George’.

Longest Time To Hold A Musical Note While Riding A Skateboard And Balancing Pool Noodle On Head

01:14 United States

Sierra Dwyer held a note for 19.44 seconds while riding a skateboard and balancing a pool noodle on her head.

Most Notes Written By Cancer Survivors On A Bulletin Board

00:11 United States

A bulletin board at Camp Mak-A-Dream in Montana hosts 99 notes from cancer survivors on it.

Fastest Time To Assemble Bagpipes And Play A Note

06:30 United States

Mallory Wolchuk assembled a set of bagpipes and played a note in two minutes, 20.05 seconds.

Most Post-It Notes Attached To Face In One Minute

04:37 Italy

Silvio S. stuck 55 Post-it notes to his face in one minute.

Longest Kazoo Note

02:19 United States

JJ blew a note on his kazoo that lasted one minute, 43.06 seconds.

Most Times To Write "Thank You" In A Thank You Note

United States

Ali P. wrote "Thank you" 93 times in a single thank you note.

Longest Yodel Note Sung By A 90-Year-Old

04:03 United States

90-year-old Paul Belanger sang a yodel note for 20.38 seconds. He was accompanied by Mr. David Anderson.

Smallest Origami Cobra Made From Rupee Notes


Neelesh K. created an origami cobra measuring 243 centimeters long using Indian Rupee notes.

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