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Fastest Time To Roll 25 Newspapers

01:55 United States

Travis R. rolled a stack of 25 newspapers in one minute, 46.28 seconds.

Most "Times Of India - Nagpur Edition" Newspapers Collected In One Year

00:33 India

Shripad Vaidya collected 215 pages of Times of India, Nagpur City editions. He collected the newspapers within a year.

Longest Miniature Bridge Made Of Newspapers

05:10 India

Durga S. constructed a miniature bridge made out of newspaper pages. The bridge measures 102.10 feet long. He used a total of 1,111 newspapers to create the entire bridge.

Longest Time Balancing 25 Newspapers On Top Of A Pole On Chin

03:30 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 25 The Chronicle Herald newspapers on top of a pole for one minute, 22.78 seconds on his chin.

Most Newspaper Articles Mentioning One's Full Name


Darryl Learie collected 20 newspaper articles mentioning his full name.

Most High School Students Reading Their School Newspaper At Once

United States

Jordan Gore, Kimberly Chwalek, Marianne Smith, Diea Cooper, Cody Short, Paton Roden, Kim Varagona, and Bo Cox all read copies of The Cavalier, their school newspaper, at the same time.

Most Items In A Barack Obama Shrine

United States

Christopher Singlemann has 15 items in his Barack Obama shrine. In his collection are four magazines specifically about Obama, newspapers from his election victory, a book of his inaugural speech, and an Amazing Spiderman comic book that features Obama.

Largest Kite Made Of Newspaper And Q-Tips

United States

Joel Kahn and Randi Prince built a kite measuring 3969 square inches (63in x 63in) using just newspaper and Q-Tips. They stipulated the frame and supporting structure had to be made entirely of Q-Tips and the rest of the kite made only with newspaper.

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