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Most Quarters Fit Inside Nose

United States

Mikey W. fit 19 quarters in his nose at once.

Most Games Of "Spider Solitaire " Played In Advanced Mode (PC)

United States

Bob Albers played 8,166 Spider Solitaire games. The games were set in Advanced mode.

Most In-Air Flips On A Roller Snowboard

United States

Brandon Schmidt performed three midair flips on a roller snowboard. He set the record at Nitro Circus Live in Newcastle, Australia.

Most People High Fived In One Minute

United States

A member of Wooddale Church high-fived 368 people in one minute.

Most "Skill Toys" Used In One Minute

United States

Japheth G. used 24 different skill toys in one minute. The toys and tricks used include coins, juggling balls, juggling clubs, juggling rings, a pen, hackey sack, cigar boxes, ping pong ball and paddle, hat manipulation, spinning top, paddleball, kendama, contact juggling, bounce juggling, frisbee, spinning plate, basketball, soccerball, stilts, knife throwing, jump rope, unicycle, pogo stick, and a rola bola.

Most Reps Bench Pressing A 395-Pound Wooden Log

United States

Clint P. bench pressed a 395-pound wooden log eight times.

Most TNT Blocks Placed And Blown Up Inside A Mountain In "Minecraft"


Yelle L. placed and blew up 86 TNT blocks inside a mountain in Minecraft.

Most One-Handed Cartwheels In 30 Seconds

United States

Deacon B. performed 16 one-handed cartwheels in 30 seconds.

Most Finger Snaps In 15 Seconds While Holding A Plant


Kurono K. snapped his fingers 74 times in 15 seconds while holding a plant.

Most Head Spins While Holding A Sitting Pose On Toes


Suresh G. spun his head 32 times while holding a sitting pose on his toes.

Most Consecutive Barefoot Soccer Juggles In A Kitchen


Derek B. completed 107 consecutive barefoot soccer juggles in a kitchen.

Most Jump Rope Jumps Using An Invisible Jump Rope In 30 Seconds

United States

Using an invisible jump rope, Melissa P. completed 123 jump roped jumps in 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive Forward Rolls

United States

Starla F. performed 42 consecutive forward rolls.

Most TV Shows Named In One Minute While Replacing One Word In Each Title With "Horse"

United States

Owen P. named 37 television show titles in one minute, replacing one word from each name with the word “horse.”

Most Backpacks Worn At Once

United States

Brantley T. wore six backpacks at once.

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